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Will CJ be a Titan in 2014?

National Football League event created by TitanJeff, Jan 15, 2014.

Paid Out:
National Football League Event
Will CJ be a Titan in 2014?
Will Chris Johnson be on the final Titans 53-man roster for the first regular season game of 2014?
This Event is closed and is no longer taking wagers
This Event was settled Apr 17, 2014
Outcome Current Odds Total Staked Wagers  
He will not be on the roster. 1/1 (1.00) $79,236.00 23 Win!
He will remain a Titan in 2014. 1/1 (1.00) $8,113.00 9  
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titans92790 high fives this.
  1. TitanJeff
    Though it is possible the Jets could cut CJ and the Titans sign him before the first game of the regular season, I figure the odds are higher than being mauled by a bear or TWW2 admitting CJ is done.
    TitansWillWin2 and The Hammer high five this.
  2. The Hammer
    The Hammer
    Thanks for the payout TJ
  3. TitansWillWin2
    lol I don't really care. Hence why I only bet 5000
  4. The Hammer
    The Hammer
    TWW2 is still hoping the Titans sign him :P
  5. Big TT
    Big TT
    Yeah that is not going to happen.
  6. RockyTop Fox
    RockyTop Fox
    Even if CJ signs a contract, the bet shouldn't be settled until Week 1 imo. He could still be released and resign with Tennessee. (not that I want that to happen)
  7. TitanJeff
    In case anyone wants to know, this bet won't be settled until CJ signs a contract.
    TitansWillWin2 high fives this.
  8. The Hammer
    The Hammer
    Just waiting for that $58 K to come my way
  9. The Hammer
    The Hammer
    It is closed now :). Good thing I got my bets in before it did.
  10. titans92790
    I wonder what JCBrave voted!