2017 NFL Draft: Day 1

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by TitanJeff, Apr 26, 2017.

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    Well, I wasn't thrilled when we picked. I wanted Davis but hoped to get him later. However, JRob knew what he was doing obviously with all 3 being gone by 9. Bears picking Trubisky screwed us on any trade possibility. I don't know enough about Jackson to have a real opinion though I'm worried we didn't get value there.

    Either way, this team just got a lot more explosive.
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    According to who? Don't you get that "draft experts" don't have jobs with NFL teams. There is probably a reason for that.
  3. Riverman

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    According to reality.

    Look at all historical aspects of who was on the board when we picked at #5 and #18. We did not pick BPA. We picked for need. There simply isn't s need to debate it. And line I posted before, I don't have anything against Davis or Jackson.

    Taking Davis started the reach run for the WRs much the way our taking Locker in 2011 started the QB reach run on QBs.

    We didn't maximize our draft capital. I'll admit I over-reacted yesterday to say "complete waste" but we really didn't take full advantage of the EXCELLENT draft capital we had.
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    Taking a run stopping SS at 6 would have been a giant waste of of draft capital.

    JRob made the smart moves
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    We'll see who has greater impact. I hope it's Davis.
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    I like Adams, just do not see him as unquestioned BPA.
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    I'll also add that my negative impression of focusing on need over BPA is limited to what we've done so far. it may well be we steal some value at today and tomorrow.
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    With all due respect, if you doubt how enormous of a help Howard could have been to us, especially considering our offensive scheme then A.) you are not paying attention during our games, or B.) Are not familiar with the x's and o's behind the game of football.

    The ONLY reason why I can fathom JRob passing on Howard at 18 for Adoree Jackson is because he either has his eye on another TE later on (Shaheen, Jake Butt?), panicked that he wouldn't be able to get a good CB in the 3rd, or both!

    Like I've said before, I'm fine with the selection of Adoree Jackson...but NOT at #18. If JRob fell in love with the guy, fine! I'm good with that. But for goodness sakes man, TRADE DOWN AND TAKE HIM! Acquire more picks (such as a 2nd rounder) and then take Adoree. Don't take Adoree at #18.

    I realize some of you here are in love with Adoree but I have not come across one scouting report that even has the kid in the 1st round, never mind #18th overall!

    I'll emphasize once again as I know I may get a lot of crap...I'm not saying I don't like Adoree as a pick for us, just not at #18!

    I'll admit, I've only seen one USC game last year as I mostly watch SEC, ACC and some Big 10 so I've got some catching up to do on Adoree, but literally, I can not find the guy ranked as a 1st round talent in one damn scouting report I've looked at!

    If someone here can show me otherwise, by all means, please do!
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    Spot on. Jackson would've been there later. Must not have been a trade inquiry.

    We may well be targeting Shaheen. He'd be a good pickup.
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    I do think jackson was going in the first round, but towards the end of the round. I read the cowboys would have taken him at 28 and that the raiders were high on him. I tend to agree would have rather traded down or if we stayed at 18 taken howard but oh well.

    Lets just hope we can get some value in round 3, I really wish we could have found a way to get a 2nd round pick.
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