2018 Draft (Titan Reg Season Thread)

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by Broken Arrow, Oct 20, 2017.

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    The dude who got his leg ripped off and ruined everyone's thanksgiving dinner?
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    If you want a mid round QB,
    I don't know if he'll be mid-round, but with all the talk about Darnold, and Rosen, if you want a QB that will be great someday, draft Mason Rudolph, QB Oklahoma State. He already won the Unitas Award for top SR. QB. Guy has size, arm strength and accuracy.

    I would think he would be first QB taken, but some even have Mayfield over Rudolph in the draft. He'd be a hell of a backup, but we already have a capable QB, Matt Cassel is a decent ENT enough back-up.

    Just mark my words, within 2-3 years, Mason Rudolph will be a starter in the NFL, and be productive.
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    We don't need to invest a 3rd round pick on a quarterback. Marcus is the starter and development is focused on him. Just sign a decent vet. 3rd and 4th rounders are hopeful starters.
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    Oh man that was pretty awful. But yeah, that guy.

    We've already gone down the decent vet path with Cassel. He's fine as a clipboard holder, but he's getting old as dirt and we need someone to win games if/when Marcus has to miss a game or two. We'd be completely sunk if Marcus has to miss any amount of extended time.

    If we'd had a better backup we would have easily beaten Miami, and I definitely don't want to see Tanney getting obliterated like he was in the preseason.
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    Unfortunately this is for almost 29 other NFL teams. The production drops tremendously if your starting QB goes down.