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    And there's always the reminder that all of these assumptions could change in FA as well. If we sign some high priced safety/CB's then we might look towards WR/ILB/Pass rusher with our top 2 picks or vice versa.

    But I love speculating until things actually happen.
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    Everyone sees different things on tape, and that's okay. I see him as a little raw with high potential.

    I saw Ebron in a similar light
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    I agree that not everyone sees the same thing. But what specifically are you seeing that makes you think he's raw?

    I'm not 'calling you out' or anything like that. I just want to know what you see that makes you think that?
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    I think the Adams vs. Hooker debate will be much like Tunsil in vs. Conklin one, though for different reasons.

    I think Adams is a safe pick that will net a pro bowl caliber safety, and versatile piece on defense, as well as someone I'm sure will be the leader of the unit. I don't really see the talent gap between him and Hooker-Adams had 4 INTs last year, but he seemed to do much more man coverage and playing in the box during this season, and can't argue with the results as they were a suffocating defense. If anything, I see Hooker as a guy that needs to be used correctly as he missed a lot of tackles, but he's also very inexperienced so it's difficult to say.

    Hooker seems like a good kid, and I'd love to have him. He's just more projection and less versatile and polished at this point, though Byard had many of the same question marks and he has improved greatly. If Hooker has a Ramsey-Esque combine and Adams runs a 4.59, then Adams isn't worth a 5 while Hooker might be. But Adams has Titan written all over him.
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    Route running is raw

    And he's praised for being such a good blocker but I don't think hes that good of a blocker
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    Hard to know if his route running is raw since he isn't used that often in the pass game. But when they do use him, he's almost always open. He did very well in both National Championship games but still, very limited sample. We'll see how raw or polished he is in the Senior Bowl practices going 1v1 vs LB's and S's.

    I disagree on his blocking. I've watched him extensively for two years and his blocking is very good at what they ask him to do. They line him up as a wing a lot and pull him so he's good at blocking on the move and sealing. He is solid in line but not gonna blow you off the los very often.

    How would you compare his blocking to Butt or Leggett?
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    This to me seems to be the flavor of this draft. The more polished 'safe' pick vs the more athletic higher upside talent. That's not to say Adams can't be a very good player in the NFL. He can be! But I think we will see him test out closer to avg and Hooker test a lot better athletically.

    Adams is the savvy vet who studies film and seems to live and breathe football. Ben Boulware is much the same way. It was no accident that Boulware in the Championship game called out several plays even before the play started because based on formation, down and distance and field position he anticipated the play and blew it up. Adams makes some of his INT's that way by reading what's going to happen before it does and putting himself in a position to make a play. You are very right in that these are the types of players the Titans want. But if Adams tests out closer to avg athletically, can you take him at #5?

    LSU played him in the box a lot more...because they can. Michigan played Peppers as an OLB so he could use his athleticism to attack the LOS...because they can. It is their strength. Hooker's strength is in his range and athleticism once he gets there. I'll have to watch more tape on Hooker now that PFF has claimed he missed a tackle on every 6 attempts and rated his pretty bad at that (yet rate him high as a prospect?!?!?) but he seemed like a solid tackler to me. I have seen him miss some tackles, but not at an alarming rate. He's a little overly aggressive at times and it gets him out of position or he breaks down too late. I'd rather draft a guy like that who I can coach to 'fix' those issues than a guy who has no heart and doesn't want to tackle.

    The combine will be important for them as well as Budda Baker. And who knows, we might not even address the S position. We could go LB or pass rusher or cb or wr or...
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