Adrian Peterson says hes gonna get 2500 yards LMAO!

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by TitansWillWin2, May 3, 2013.

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    Yours truly, racist fag,

    Rob Parker
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    I'll dispute that it was stupid of him. Aside from you complaining about this tweet on here who actually cares. In what way has this tweet damaged his life/reputation since he posted it? Here I'll answer for you, not one damn bit. I'm not saying it was smart or anything but what makes it stupid? That you find it tasteless? Why should your opinion matter to him or affect him in anyway? Where is the media firestorm/controversy over this "moronic" tweet? The tweet isn't smart or stupid really, it just is. You judging it as retarded doesn't make it so.You're one man and that's your opinion.Hell if the tweet/flyer reaches it's target audience, people turn out in droves after seeing it, and CJ makes some $ out of it it actually might turn out to be smart. As long as no one gets shot or stabbed that is.

    And please stop with the RG3/Luck point, if those two sneeze at the wrong time it'll create some kind of nation wide controversy and they know it. CJ isn't anywhere near that class of famous. No one outside of Tennessee really gives a damn what he does and he's well aware of that.
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    Never mentioned Luck, but good idea to bring him into this as well, actually. That's just another NFL player who's not a total moron.

    But yea... if RG3/Luck did it, they'd be ****ed. I hope you realize that the guys I mentioned are also men of character and class. Even if there wasn't a risk of them getting in trouble for it, they'd be above hosting events like this. On a much bigger scale it would be like "would you cheat on your wife if you knew you could get away with it?". I know that's a ridiculous example because that would be worse than what CJ is doing. I'm trying to put it into perspective that just because you can do something without getting in trouble for it, doesn't make it a wise decision.

    That's totally my point though. If CJ was on a big market team, he'd be getting reamed by the media and fans for tweeting that out. It was stupid.

    I like the part where you mention it's all good as long as he doesn't get shot or stabbed... you're admitting that a shooting/stabbing is a usual occurrence at clubs in downtown Memphis, yet it's not stupid for him to go to this thing? Again, this is the same stuff that Pacman Jones did and was ultimately his downfall. I'll gladly admit Pacman was a much bigger moron and a true thug who was always in trouble... just sayin' it would be smarter for CJ not to host these type of events.

    Anyways... believe me when I say I am glad CJ has stayed out of trouble his entire career with us. I'm just worried that him doing crap like this will get him into big trouble one day. You can only get by with doing these things for so long until it comes back to bite you.

    It's all good though... I think CJ finishes top 3 in rushing this season (which is what he needs to be doing for the money he's getting) as long as he's not shot or stabbed in Memphis.
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    I'll be real with you. I personally don't approve of the club-hopping lifestyle and it's definitely not the way I live my life. If I was was as physically gifted as CJ and other players NFL teams would love me because at pretty young age I'm already more of a "quiet evening at home" type. However, I do recognize that other people are just not like me. They like to partake in far riskier activities than I do and though I may not want that for myself, It's not my place to judge them. People have a right in this country to pursue the things that make them happy or they think will make them happy as long as it doesn't harm anyone directly.That's all I was trying to get across. Just as an aside, you'd be surprised with what fans will let go when they love you enough. I remember when the golden boy Tom Brady left his pregnant girlfriend for a hot model quite unceremoniously. Patriots nation barely batted an eyelash. How bad really is CJ's flyer compared to that? Hell the aptly named Rapelisthberger (I know it's not his real name) has been accused of rape twice and no one really cares.

    But this thread actually kinda proves my point about media ruining everything (not just big media, social as well). It's so damn hard to have anyone to look up to these days because though humans have always been imperfect, our current media climate magnifies our flaws times 20 and even makes monsters out of regular people.
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    I travel a lot and a lot of times I end up listening to the local hip hop station. A second tier NFL star (the guys that can't get endorsement deals) is hosting one of thoese every weekend -- I've heard them advertised for Mike Vick, DeSean Jackson, Duante Culpepper, Marshawn Lynch, Donte Stallworth, and Alec Ogletree.

    Peyton Manning doesn't have to because he is whoring himself out charging $100k to go to rich people's bar mitzvahs.
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    If they want to improve in that division, they better get more production from their QB and receivers. It's awesome to have such an elite RB but when the defense stacks 8 in the box, the offense needs to be able to take advantage.
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    4 damn months until football that counts. ****.

    How many more terrible TWW2 threads will we endure before then? Over/Under is at 12.
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    I'll take the over all day.

    You could have set it at 24.5 and I would have taken it.
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    I'm probably biased because I HATE clubs. So there's that. It's not the fact that he's going to clubs that bothers me though. It's the type of clubs, the location of those clubs, and the fact that he's putting it out there on Twitter for everyone to see, even after he's had issues on Twitter in the past.

    Take Gronk for example... I really had no issue with him going to the clubs and dancing around like a fool. I also had no issue when he took a picture with a pornstar. The club he was in looked safe and was probably in a much better location (well, let's just say it was definitely in a better location because anything would beat downtown Memphis) and the pornstar he took the picture with didn't look like an STD ridden wh0re who just got gangbanged three minutes earlier... although since she's a pornstar, the latter is a possibility.

    I'd feel much better if CJ was hosting some event at a club in Nashville... as long as it isn't Graham Central Station or any of the strip clubs.

    I don't even know if this thing CJ is doing is a strip club... that's just the first impression I got when it said "over 50 women" and had pictures of STD ridden hoes in the background.

    But I'm with you... not my idea of a good time. I went to a club when I first turned 18 (Graham Central Station)... horrendous. I've been to the strip club like three times... once for free when I was in high school, once for my friend's going away (to the Marines) party, and once for part of a bachelor party. Definitely have no desire to go back because it's nasty in there and ALL of the strippers are gross. I always had nightmares that I'd get gunned down by Pacman or something and my family would have to live with the shame of me dying in a strip club. Better than dying at a gay club though.
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    ok you get 1 moolah