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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by TitanJeff, Mar 26, 2011.

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    TitanJeff Kahuna Grande

    Get your product or service in front of the biggest Tennessee Titans diehard fans beginning at only $25.

    Why advertise on goTitans.com?
    No single website represents or reaches Tennessee Titans fans like goTitans.com. Since 2000, goTitans.com has been the internet’s top Tennessee Titans fansite.

    What kind of traffic does goTitans.com generate?
    According to Google Analytics, goTitans.com had 609,000 visits in 2013 from 140,000 unique visitors. The average visit is 10 minutes with 77% being return visitors. We had 4.3 million page views in 2013.

    Who is your audience?

    The majority of visitors to goTitans.com are male ages 25-34.

    What kind of ads do you offer?
    goTitans.com offers 728 x 90 leaderboards based on CPM seen at the bottom of each page.

    How much does it cost?
    You set the maximum price you are willing to pay and you will only be charged the minimum needed to show your ad or keyword. For example, if someone is bidding $1.00 CPM for 1,000 banner ad impressions and you bid $3.00 for 1,000 impressions, you would only be charged $1.01 since that is the lowest cost to be the highest bidder. If you wanted to pay $2.00 a click for keyword, and the next lower bid was $0.50, you would only be charged $0.51 for the click.

    Will my ads ever be displayed if I'm never the highest bidder?
    Yes, there is a diminishing logarithmic scale used to determine which ad will be displayed. For example the #1 bidder might have a 60% chance for their ad to show, the #2 bidder might have a 25% chance and the #3 bidder might have a 10% chance, etc. Note: these are not actual percentages used, just an example for illustrative purposes.

    Can I limit how much I want to spend per day?
    Yes, you can limit how much you want to spend on a per advertisement basis. You can also limit your daily spending as a whole on your account (across all ads).

    How much detail can I view about clicks and impressions?
    You can view exact details about every click for your ad for the last 7 days (including IP address and user agent). You are able to see detailed impression data for the last 7 days, but you are not able to view data that would expose who the user is (IP address for example) for privacy purposes. You can always see daily summaries going back as far as you wish.

    What is the minimum amount I can begin a campaign?
    $25 a month prepaid via PayPal.

    Can I geo-target my ads?
    Yes. You can also pick specific areas of the forum in which to advertise.

    How do I get started?
    Our advertising is available through the Digital Point Ad Network. Follow these easy steps:

    1. Go to http://advertising.digitalpoint.com/advertiser.php to register. You'll be sent a confirmation email with a link you click to get into the advertiser's area.

    2. Once confirmed, select the button which says "Find Sites To Advertise On" if you don't see a message at the top which says "Interested in Advertising on goTitans.com?"

    3. On the following page, there is a search option where you can type in "gotitans".

    4. Follow the instructions. Your ads begin as soon as funds are added to your account.

    How can I check my results, create more ads and add funds to my campaign?
    Bookmark http://advertising.digitalpoint.com/advertiser.php. Here, you can see at the top of the page links to view your ads, reports, clicks/impressions, add funds and your payment history.

    What if I want something custom?
    Please contact me and we'll work together to create something unique just for your needs. For example, we can do forum sponsorships which include your logo, text and link for monthly rates.

    What if I have more questions?
    Please contact me, Jeff Fuqua, at TitanJeff@goTitans.com or start a private conversation with me. I’ll be glad to answer any questions you may have. Also, Digital Point has a support forum area available for you at http://forums.digitalpoint.com/forumdisplay.php?f=138.

    Thank you for considering advertising on goTitans.com!
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