Am I the Only One Who Does Not Care About VR Gaming?

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Fry, Mar 26, 2016.

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    If someone did a reboot of Longbow II using a VR headset I think I would pull my HOTAS setup back out and probably be lost for days playing that.

    However, I try to imagine the advantage of VR motion axis play in a seating position with a walk/run game like Destiny or some other shooter...
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    Nearly every time a cultural prediction such as this is made it has been dead wrong. There are brief times that the novelty is a fad but invariably creates a backlash and a reversal. As a biological species there are things that we like and cannot be replaced though we try to. For example, the concept of a guaranteed income would of course cause many to be screaming that everyone would become lazy and shiftless, but in every scenario it's been tried the opposite happened...because we are human and we must have self-worth and value to ourselves and others. Only a very small percentage fit the prediction. This is why the idea of Utopia is rejected nearly everyone...not because of sloth or a resource drain but because of an unchallenging environment. Humans MUST progress, create, solve and excel.
    The interesting thing about robotics is that either we want the real thing-humans- or we wind up anthropomorphizing the robot. The overehelming majority of us are not capable of dissociating ourselves from the machines we interact with enough to treat them inhumanely. A child robot will be seen as a child by anyone other than the pedophile himself; robot sex slaves will only be abused by the most perverse among us, etc. Even though we all got a laugh out of it, everyone was still creeped out by the abuse of that Boston Dynamics robot that was doing exactly what it was programmed to do during testing. It is interesting to note that since that video was released Google has dropped BDI from it's affiliate roster (for other reasons, I'm sure, but still..)
    The bigger concern would be that of self-driving cars: the cars may perform fine but some.other a-hole is gonna want to push it's limits on the road, which may lead to a choice breaking Asimov's Three Laws of Robotics: during a potential collision, can the car correctly choose which life to save and which to sacrifice?
    VR can never replace the thrill of randomness that is provided by the bikini'd brunette that just walked by my car as I typed this. Like all novelties, we will try it out, push it's limits for a brief time and then toss it back in the cutout bin with the realization that we cannot substitute parts of ourselves with artificialities.
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    What a load of horse ****
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    I don't game much, so I can't really speak to that side of things...

    But have those saying they don't care about VR actually tried it? Like with a good headset and a good VR experience (gaming or non-gaming). Holy crap is it compelling. A few seconds inside and a lot of minds will be changed.

    And yeah VR porn is nuts. Has a lot of development to go, but I tried it out and it is a whole new experience from Pornhub on a laptop, that's for sure.
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    Assuming you're referring to something like this?

    Personally can't wait to pick up a VR headset this summer, built a new water cooled PC with 2 SLI'd 980-ti GPUs.

    The future of gaming is already moving pretty quickly toward embracing VR in full-force, whether it's controller based or some combo of a treadmill with motion controls will prolly depend on the game.

    The idea of playing Skyrim or Fallout 4 in VR with glorious 4K resolution and with the amazing PC texture/lighting/weather mods already available is appealing enough.

    Then, add in the treadmill/motion based aspect of VR so I don't feel as though I'm literally a hot, steaming pile of human excrement if I play Skyrim for 3-4 hours straight without moving from the couch and you can...

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    The degree to which porn has pushed technology forward and innovated is pretty startling. While doing some equity research on $NVDA in December I fell down the VR rabbit hole and stumbled upon an article about VR porn that detailed how the industry has been an early adopter of new technology for decades. Anyway, here's a few things I can recall.
    • VHS beating out Betamax due to the porn industry being early adopters of the home VCR model
    • The porn industry pioneered internet video streaming and webcam streaming long before youtube existed
    • Partially due to being ahead of the curve in streaming, the porn industry also was a major driver behind the advance in bandwidth, due to higher bandwidth demands for streaming saucy videos
    • Developed online only retailers with no brick-and-mortar presence long before this was thought as sustainable
    • First industry to develop internet advertising based-on traffic from your IP address, but after tracking users early-on, many sites have moved away from tracking in recent years favoring a faster website (compared to non-porn sites that aggresively track you, the average porn website now lacks the "code-bloat" arising from ungodly long tracking scripts prevalent in modern media websites like CNN/MSBNC)
    • Automated closed caption software was created so porn flicks could have subtitles overlaid on the video in an area that wouldn't obstruct the viewer from the fleshier part of the screen
    • Privacy related concerns drove porn photographers to adopt digital film early on before it became mainstream
    • The pay-for-porn industry also started competing with free alternatives/digital piracy long before most other forms of media proliferated on the web (and now many free-streaming porn sites 'partner' with various production companies hosting sample clips in HD with premium placement on their free sites)
    • While there's 1,000s of pornographic POV movies, the 1st completely POV movie only came out recently (trailer in the spoiler tag)
    • Lastly... once again, the porn industry is leaps and bounds ahead of general TV and movie production firms when it comes to innovating/developing/utilizing VR, the newest game changing technology for media consumption.

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    Damn! I thought I was doing good with just the one 980-ti.
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