And history repeats itself

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    As bad as we all hate everything about this team, especially Mularkey and Co. . . the Titans are winning games. He's not going to be fired after going 9-7 last season and off to a decent start this season.

    It's not pretty, but I'm sure the owner sees the number of wins vs the number of wins before Mularkey and her panties get wet. We're stuck with him.
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    I just hope he doesn’t win the Super Bowl because then we will never be rid of him...
    (Of course it’s sarcasm)
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    No, PK genuinely support Mike Mularkey as HC. He has said it repeatedly. Not just in counter of other peoples' opinions. He basically says because the team improved under Mularkey; he is a good coach.

    I disagree. I think the HUGE roster turn over has much more to do w/ the improvement than Mularkey. We are in the 2nd year now. The players we have brought in have improved. If the coaching was good; the team would be improving; not going backwards. Our offense SHOULD be better w/ a 2nd year in the system; if the players are being coached properly. Mularkey constantly says the players "Failed to execute." If he is coaching this team as he should be; there would not CONSTANTLY be "Failure to execute."
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    If we win the Superbowl I wouldn't care if Maker_84 was HC lol
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