Anyone Else Feel Sorry for Steelers?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by RealestWhiteBoy, Oct 10, 2012.

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    I didn't. I expected us to be 2-3 right now, though. I fealt this game could go either way, then we would be able to power our way through the following games until we got back to Nashville to face the Texans in a very meaningful game within the division. I dunno, something has to get sparked this game or we will be in very meaningful games at the end of the year with the Packers to determine if we will get the #1 pick or if we are going to fall as low as #5.
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    Injury, as in singular?
  3. Kaeotik

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    I wish I felt the way the OP does. Chris Palmer is still coaching the Titans Thurs. night right? Matt Hesselbeck is still starting at QB? Harris, Velasco, and Stewart will still be practicing their synchronized failing on Thurs. right? If so, I'd have to say the Steelers will win easily.
  4. CRUDS

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    LOL - gotta love them homers..
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    before his acl INJURY he was tearing it up. So yes I'm referring to that one!
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    Three free high fives for anyone who can come up with that pic of rusty kissing his wife on that tree, I can't find it
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    I didn't begin the season expecting CJ to have a season even worst than last year.
    I came into the season optismistic about getting Britt back.
    I fealt good that we upgraded with a Pro Bowler on our Oline.
    I fealt good about our LB play last season and expected Ayers and McCarthy to be even better with a season of experience.
    I thought we got a good DE in free agency and a good WR in the draft.
    I fealt good about Washington after his best season as a pro.
    What about that is a homer?

    Vegas had us at 4-12 last year and we nearly made the playoffs at 9-7, losing a tiebreaker.
    So, it was unreasonable to belive we had the talent to beat the 10-6 Lions? The 8-8 Chargers? The 3-13 Vikings? The Bills who we beat head-to-head the previous season? The 2-14 Colts that we split with last year? The 8-8 Bears? The 6-10 Dolphins? The 5-11 Jags we split with last year?

    It isn't a home to think we have a shot at those games given the team's performance last year ... just because I choose to have faith in the upcoming season, rather than drag my feet and be miserable about it, doesn't mean I'm a homer. I didn't come into the season expecting victories over the Pats and a Super Bowl run. I fealt that we had winnable games in the middle of the schedule, and I still do. Those are still games that can go either way, especially the Jags x2 and Colts x2.
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    I will never feel sorry for that organzation.
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    woah, I can't find it either. :chairwack:
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    And here is Vince Young as a car:

    FIAT -- Looks good, drives good, not terribly reliable under the hood......

    Fix It Again Tony!