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    I'm looking to get a couple segments from songs to be looped into like 30 secs - minute long, I'm going out of town tomorrow so I wanted to get this up before I forget. I could most likely do it on Movie Maker but.. it's a pain and not precise with the timings. If anyone has time to burn and skills to match I'd appreciate it :)

    Anyways, I just want the music and not vocals, timings listed below.

    [ame=""]Hopesfall - Icarus - YouTube[/ame]

    Guitars at :32 - :34, loop for ~45 seconds.. think that'd be long enough. If possible, the pause at :39 and then the resuming section to :44, whenever he stops singing and the bass drops, add that to the first part if you can get it w/o vocals.

    [ame=""]Hopesfall - Only the Clouds - YouTube[/ame]

    start 1:24 ends 1:49, want this looped 2-3 times, but loop the 2nd and 3rd from 1:27 - 1:49, the first couple seconds are different from the rest and wouldn't flow. would be ~ 47 secs 1 repeat, ~ 69 secs 2 repeats.

    [ame=""]Hopesfall - Decoys Like Curves - YouTube[/ame]

    Unlikely you can get a good loop from this because there's not much break in vocals, but if you can, the guitars that start at 1:11 and play until 1:44.. if you can remove vocals loop it twice for ~ 66 secs worth of audio.

    .. just asking.. nicely :)