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    Notice how FinneBUSH is much more demanding of me as an analyst, somebody who has never been paid a dime by an nfl team than the professional.

    Marshall Faulk a hall of fame player who probably gets $250K or more for his "expert" opinion gets a pass. Bushy is willing to make even the most moronic defense for him. Willing to go to the wall and take a bullet for bad analysis.

    Pagano never, never played against Peyton Manning as a D-coordinator. Who thinks the secondary coach is primarily responsible for a defense?

    Is Bret Maxie is running the Titans defensive game plan?
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    I never said he was primarily responsible but as an assistant coach he help to put a game plan together and was in the room during gamplanning meetings.

    For example, Gregg Williams is not our defensive coordinator but he has a big hand in our game plan.

    Second example, Jim Washburn almost always has his defensive line play in wide 9 formations in both Tennessee and Philadelphia.

    My point was the Faulk's opinion wasn't incorrect necessarily just because he wasn't the defensive coordinator. Pagano was still a defensive coach on that staff that was involved in those game planning meetings and if you got your head out of your colon you'd understand what I'm saying.

    Also is Finnebush suppose to be a burn because it really isn't all the hurtful or aggravating,
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    you should call him rollHIDE

    on a unrelated note how bad are the nfln segments like mark schlereth had where hed pretend teams were cars or how bout I think its matt millen doing the tools for victory with a ******* tool belt god they try so hard to be so bad plus sherling sharpe shoul NEVER EVER be the lead on a show or even a regular dudes annoying as hell and when hes doing video segments he stands in front of the tv so you cant even see what the heck he talking bout
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    you guys should ask him what he gets called in Taboo.....
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    hey rolltide what they call you in taboo
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    funny you use those words with that person in the same sentence lol. Excellent point tho, Matt Millen was a joke of a gm so I never understood why he was able t o analyze other gm's and their decisions. The people of Detroit will always hate that guy.
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    You would never give credit to Brett Maxie for a good titans defensive game plan. You would give it to Williams and gray. Probably Williams who has received most of the credit for our defensive improvements.

    Who has ever given a secondary coach equal credit for the success of any defense? 50% of titans fans could not even name the secondary coach. That's just dumb.
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    Has any defense that Chuck Pagano was connected with shut down P Manning?

    What is P Manning's career passing rating against defenses that Chuck Pagano was associated with?

    That's what Marshall Faulk said that in his "expert" opinion Pagano scheme's Manning well. Does Pagano scheme Manning well? If that statement is not true than is it good analysis?

    A poster here said that Manning went against Pagano 3 times while Pagano was secondary coach at Baltimore. Could bushy identify those 3 games and tell us who won and what Manning's passing rating was?

    If Manning's average passing rating against defenses coached all or in part by Chuck Pagano is over 100 can we safely say that Faulk's analysis was inaccurate?
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    Millen was an analyst before he was a GM. He is not terrible but has his retarded moments. Millen could use some education in human anatomy. While doing a game back in the 90s he said that a certain Packer right tackle had "the largest rectum in the league."
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    "analysts" have to make work to justify their paychecks. They're good for getting ideas rolling around but none of them speak gospel.
    I have a much greater problem with game announcers and droll color commentary. And then there's the occasional gaff.... three from today's PHI-NYG matchup:

    "We're gonna see a lot of Cox pounding up inside this afternoon..."
    "Cox exploding up the middle!!..."
    "Manning fitting it into a tight hole right there..."
    I mean, really, guys... phrasing!!..
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