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    No coach has more street cred than Lane Kiffin. Lil Wayne givin him props:

    1:10 for those interested
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    I would say Kiffy Boy is a decent coach but I wouldn't trust him in a s**t house with a muzzle on his face.
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    If you ain't cheating in recruiting then you ain't trying.

    Alabama bends rules with the best.
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    Maybe, Mike Slive is not a fan of Kiffin's so he will be watching him like a hawk. Personally I don't think Kiffin's ability matches up with the baggage you have to deal with.
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    Lane Kiffin probably rose too far too fast. Senile Al Davis made Kiffin a HC at a time when no college team would consider him for HC. He had only been an OC a very short time. A position he shared with Steve Sarkisian--his eventual replacement at USC.

    After being fired by Oakland somehow Lane Kiffin was considered a coaching prodigy by the college ranks. Was kinda bizarre.
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    What can we learn from the Kiffen hire about how to coach and what the titans are doing right or wrong now.

    A coach operating with the Peter principle would look for an OC they know or at least somebody endorsed by someone they know. The Peter principle is that mediocre people get hired or promoted because they are nonthreatening or manageable. The Kiffen hire was anything but that.

    For a supposedly head strong control freak coach Nick Saben went outside the box on this one. He hires a 3 time head coach who is young enough to be his son knowing they won't agree on everything and that was the point. He saw in Kiffen a very smart very ambitious coach who did have a good track record as a recruiter.
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    A poster who is usually wrong was actually right for a change. XO got it right this time.

    Of course that doesn't make up for the fact he is a butthole who hates southerners, hates Alabama and hates college football and especially hates it's fans. Remember it was XO arguing on another thread that college football fans are retarded.

    In short for once in a blue moon the hater is right about something.
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    95% of college football fans in the south are mouth breathing, t-shirt fans that have extremely low football IQs. Maybe everywhere, I don't know.

    They are attracted to the culture, experience and pageantry. They rarely seem to want to even understand the simplest concepts about the game.

    Most never took a credit hour at the SCHOOL they obsessively support.

    The absurdity of it all bothers me. These are educational institutions (state funded most of the time) that have built a minor league football league worth billions on the backs of so called amateurism.

    • Low football IQ
    • Care more about the "experience" than the game.
    • Obsessively stalk high school kids on social media.
    • Declare a superior product when in all reality the entertainment value of college football and the crazy plays/games that happen come from bad football, mistakes talent imbalances.

    That is why there were a half dozen Voltards in this thread arguing against Lane Kiffin when anyone with half an ounce of understanding about football immediately saw that this was a rock star hire and Saban deseved the highest of praise for pulling the trigger.

    Lane Kiffin has been and is a hell of a coach. Butt hurt Tennessee needs to get the hell over their little emotional butthurt tantrums.
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    Fake ass Vols fan imo.
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