Barf for Barkley...

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    That drive me crazy as well... so loose butthole.

    I love Geno and think he's a solid prospect. Just isn't on the same level as RG3 & Luck coming out of college. Geno could end up with a better career than them, just not the same level. Lez be honest.. he's no Tebow though. #Tebow4MVP
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    Locker isn't that awful or anything. We have to start with the Oline. It doesn't drop a lot of sacks, but there are just no running lanes. For some reason Walterfootball has up going DE with our 1st pick. Weird. He just justifies it on BPA.
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    Give Locker some time, of course he is going to have growing pains. His completion percentage (I know it's only been 2 games) is at 63% and he's top 10 in QB Rating. He'll come along and at least he has a deep group of WR's to work with. He's the best QB on our roster to give us a chance to win. IDK about most of you, but I certainly didn't believe we would come out and compete for a playoff spot, sorry for the crappy attitude, but we're still a very young team with a bright future. We give some of those young defensive guys time to gel (McCarthy, Ayers, Brown, Casey, Klug, Marks, Morgan, Martin, Soloman, McCorty, Verner, Campbell, Johnson) and we can be in good shape. We really need to revamp the offensive line. I don't believe the tackles are our problem, but they're not getting any younger. IMO we have to have an offensive line before we look towards a new back. CJ won't last much longer though so, shouldn't be our problem for that much longer. I like what I saw from Reynaud a lot in the preseason. He'd atleast hit the hole which is what we need, but again we have to create holes for our backs to hit. Yes CJ sidesteps way too much and should just plunge ahead rather than try to create the homerun. If he hits the hole hard enough, eventually the big plays will come. Two things to look forward to: We are having a lot of younger players getting time to play in games and obviously we're going to have a high drat pick.
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    I see no reason to cut ties with locker and replace this early. That's retarded. 8th overall pick, you have to give him a fair shake. If by the end of next season there is no progress, then it's believable to start thinking about a new QB.
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    Also, I don't even think this is a good class of qbs to really choose from.
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    1st Tier: Geno Smith & Matt Barkley
    2nd tier: Tyler Wilson, Logan Thomas, Tyler Bray, Landry Jones, EJ Manuel, and Matt Scott

    Any of those 2nd tier guys could start dominating/good combine/etc and sneak in the first round. Just like Tannehill did last year.
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    Geno is still building his case. Barkley is not elite. USC hides his flaws. The second tier is just that... So 2 question marks and some potential is a great QB class?
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    give me geno smith!
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    I'm sorry but that's a pathetic QB class.

    -Barkley is going to be another overrated USC QB.
    -I like Geno but not totally sure he'll be the guy some of you are praising him to be.
    -Wilson and Bray both have been pretty banged up in their college careers, I like Bray's arm but I think Wilson is a bit more accurate. Both would be risk picks, I can see Bray moving into the 1st off pro day.
    -Logan Thomas? Move him down a couple tiers. If he can't stand out in the ACC he won't do anything in the NFL.
    -Landry Jones and EJ Manuel. Just two QB's at big schools, not seeing a whole lot of promise from them.

    Maybe 3 guys become quality NFL starters with Geno the kind of wild card of either being decent or a top 10 kind of QB. Maybe Barkley breaks the USC QB curse or whatever and maybe Bray or Wilson fits well in their system.
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    I never said it was good, if you thought that. :cj:
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