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Battle in a battle

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Titans Insider, Jul 31, 2013.


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    Oh nice, no one should be worried about Jake's completion % this week, vs Mouton anyone could hit a receiver.
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    Not sure what you are going to bite but reading comprehension can be a dangerous thing.
    I said BOTH would not be on the team meaning ONE will but not BOTH.
    So either Mariani or Reynaud probably makes the team as the primary return guy and the other gets cut.

    The other thing is I think the guy they end up keeping is going to be Reynaud. Mariani really has to shine IMO to unseat Reynaud and of course coming off the injury that might be tough. We don't need either on the roster for their positional play. A guy like DWill can be the back up return guy. It is a numbers thing and we can't keep both without cutting a superior positional player.

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    You're right, I misread. I still think if Mariani comes back to form, you'll see both on the roster. I think Reynaud perhaps makes the team on special teams and is the back-up returner and also "may" get used in certain situations as a back.
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    No problem.
    I think the issue with either making the team if they don't win the return job is both guys would be at the bottom of the depth chart at their position and hard to justify dressing on Sundays anyway (so other STs duties aren't relevant). They would much rather keep a guy like Preston at WR and we probably won't keep a 4th RB at all.