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    Wasn't sure where to put this, probably not thread worthy but possibly a good discussion. Scouting report on him:

    Offensive Guard is pretty deep this year, if we get a top guy in free agency then we should wait till round 2-3 to address the other spot.

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    Why should they wait to draft a guard if the they get Levitre? We dont have one right now and there is two starting gaurds/team. I think it would be ideal to sign Levitre and draft Warmack, unless of course Milliner was to fall, then I would probably still choose Warmack.
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    I don't really understand the fascination of the offensive guard position on here. Yeah it's a big need but if we do get Levitre then we don't have to use our 1st round pick on a position that hardly ever goes in the top 10. If we miss Levitre then yeah Warmack or Cooper it is, especially in this draft class but I don't understand putting so much value into it when we have other needs as well. If we get a top guy in FA then there are plenty of quality players available in the 2nd through 4th round. Also, we might even sign a 2nd guard and then draft someone in the mid rounds to develop. It's definitely not a lock we're going Guard at 10 and I think it would be stupid to do so if we did get Levitre, which is a real possibility.

    We have no depth at on the DL. If you want to run a great 4-3 then you have to have the talent and the players to hold down the line. Right now we have a solid duo at DE , Casey who is a starting DT, and Mike Martin and really the jury is still out on him. Grabbing Werner, Star, Ansah, or maybe even Floyd would greatly improve our defense. We could also go with a CB since we only have 2 players capable of starting right now and Verner belong more on the inside than out right now and Desmond Trufant would be a great pick or even Rhodes. My favorite option however, is trading back. Get to the mid teens, pick up another 3rd, and grab BPA. If it's a Guard then so be it but Trufant/Rhodes could be there, and I'm sure by April we'll have a few more guys higher on the board.
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    Many of the more pressing needs your talking about can be filled more effectively through FA. I hate the idea of gambling on DL. Those guys seem to have a high chance of busting. Warmack, on the other hand, is much more safe to draft and to expect a great and consistent performance . The Titans have the chance to make the weakest unit the strongest. The DL and secondary can be much more effectively and safely improved through FA and the later rounds of the draft IMO.

    Simply, I dont think theres any better value than Chance Warmack @ 10 and I would argue he is a top 5 player in this draft. Even if they go by the BPA technique I think they still draft Warmack.

    We like to think that the Titans staff can coach any OL up but obviously that isnt the case. They passed on David DeCastro last year and paid for it. Hopefully, they learn from history and improve this team with 2 young interior OL and put the problems behind them.

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    We need a top Guard, and even though the best ones aren't top 10 talents, they're top 32.

    If we want that top guy we have to be ready to use our top pick on one. By the time we pick again the 3 guys we're targeting in the draft may be gone.

    Who predicted 3 RB's would go in last years 1st round, not one person.

    If we're not using our 10th overall pick on a Guard, this kid could be our guy.
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    I'm only ok with waiting for an OL if we get a legit starter in FA and we plan on using the 1st pick on a stud difference-maker.
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    The Levitre signing almost guarantees we won't draft a guard 10th. We will likely trade back 6-7 spots and then would take a Warmack there but not at 10.They will want to get some more picks if they go that route.

    Ideally we need to draft a guy good enough to start and play credible right away and still get a guy later who could play in a couple of years.

    I know i'm beating this drum but a trade back and then drafting Fluker would be the best way to go.

    Does the signing of Levitre open the possibility of getting a LT earlier? A guy like Lane johnson perhaps? I still like Fluker 15-20.
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    The Titans love him and with us, where there's smoke there's fire. I would expect him to be a Titan.
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    Who is that?
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    Who are you talking about?