Can Collin Mooney Spell C.J. next year?

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    A big change of pace RB to compliment Chris Johnson is on everyone's off season wish list, but is that guy already in house?

    Last week vs the Jaguars in mop up duty FB Collin Mooney came in and got 5 nice carries for 19-yards. That may not jump out at anyone as impressive, but that 3.8-yard average is second best to C.J.'s 4.5YPC.

    The thing I did see when Mooney carried the ball was, he pounds it inside (something we've been missing all year). Jamie Harper is big, but he's not physical, that guy isn't the answer, and neither is Darius Reynaud, he's a lousy RB, but Mooney, he might be what we're looking for.

    5 carries is a small sample size, and the Jaguars run D is ranked 30th, and they are considered a little light in terms of the size of their front 7, but we freaking suck and need anything we can get.

    Also, Mooney likely wont be with us as a FB next year, Craig Stevens sees a lot of time at FB now, and Quinn Johnson is better than Mooney, and no one carries 3 FB's, but maybe he can stick as a RB...

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    I saw those runs too and thought the same thing.
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    Great idea. I was kinda thinking the same thing. It would be great to do that then maybe it's something we don't need to address in the draft or free agency.
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    Collin had 1339 R. Yards and 8 TDS his final year at Army. He's use to carrying the ball. I'd love to keep him over Quinn, and I don't see Stevens at FB (good chance we lose Cook). I was hoping we kept Mooney at the beginning of the year.
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    I don't like the way that Harper runs and I don't think Ringer is the answer. We need a #2 RB and to be content with Mooney as the #2 RB is a joke.

    As a last resort you could use him like that, but I think we can find a better RB in FA or the draft than Mooney.
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    I love the idea of Stevens at FB. My favorite FB of all time was Richie Anderson, he was a phenomenal receiving FB, really helped the Jets and Cowboys stay on the field on 3rd downs. I'd be ecstatic if Stevens could be that for us.

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    You're probably right, but having him do that job is just 1 less issue we'd have to address.
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    I am very worried about Stevens mounting concussion history.
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    I think it is a good idea, and would like to see him get a shot at it in TC/preseason, but I would not want to bank off of him becoming that #2 change of pace back. I think we still need to go out and get an FA, or a later rd draft pick. I have no problem letting Mooney compete, or even be the #3 guy that could possibly work into that role, but we will need someone that we KNOW can do it too. Like others have said, Ringer and Harper just aren't cutting it.
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    Great point actually. I really liked how he ran hard and even though it was only 5 carries, I did take notice. A big part of that was because he actually broke some nice tackles, contrary to trying to run 'by' them or get taken down by arm-tackles.

    Thing is I find over the past couple years, with the devaluation of the RB position, a lot of talent can be found very late in the draft (i.e. 4th-UFA), proving to be much more than just 'serviceable.' In the end the guy is a FB and time may show that, I want a pure 'bruzing RB' to change up with CJ.

    However, in the end it was nice to see a "bruzer" out there. Harper has been watching CJ for WAY too long, the guy thinks he can bounce it outside... Collin is much better then Harper because he understands the simple 'change of pace' concept. I'm not kidding on so many runs (not that he's had that much), I would wonder WTF Jamie is doing out there...
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