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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Bobo, Dec 11, 2006.

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  1. Just because he's banged up a bit now doesn't mean he can't stay healthy. Lots of guys get injured, but that doesn't mean they can't stay healthy. White doesn't have any significant injury history from USC.

    Plus, Henry has his own history of injuries (as well as drug problems and fumbles) in the NFL.
  2. bongo59

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    i saw him and VY in OTA's and TC..........I said both would be studs and said VY would play earlier than anyone thinks...........i was right on VY and I know I m right on LW.........he is just hurt.
  3. bongo59

    bongo59 Camp Fodder

    im with SK.............i aint on the TH wagon..........he is a risk and he has many reason to take his job serious now..........problem is when you pay him will he go back to what he did in buffalo? Im not willing to risk it coming out of cap problems
  4. Bobo

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    Sure it doesn't mean he can't stay healthy, but that's not going to help anyone's confidence of him as a feature back. And he never carried the load at USC. I hope he's not the next CB, but I think you have to have two good backs just in case.

    Henry has the same injury issue, and it goes hand in hand to me. Keep 2 of the 3 guys we have now, and hope both don't get injured at the same time. I like CB, but I'd have to say keep TH and LW, then get a 3rd down/ST's type back.
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    What correlation can you pull from him getting paid and doing something in Buffalo (smoking pot, right?)? I'm going to assume he has a deal with some clauses to get back money if he screws up again. If Reese doesn't do that, then there's a problem.
  6. There's a limit to how teams can get money back in players contracts.

    As for the reason why not to keep Henry if White is going to be good, it's because they'd rather have 1 guy who gets the bulk of the carries. There's no need to have the other one wasting away on the bench. Just make Whit the starter, let Henry go, and get a backup.
  7. Bobo

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    Is White going to be good, even as good as Henry? And stay healthy? In our situation, I don't see why we couldn't keep both.

    Would they want CB to stay as a backup? He may not want to stick around. Getting a capable backup may not be very easy. We may have to spend another draft pick to do that, and then wonder the same thing about how good he'll be. Right now we have a proven starter, and a backup we hope is good. I think letting Henry walk is a risk.
  8. We could keep both. Or instead of keeping henry we could get someone we actually need. I have no reason to think White won't be good. What little we have seen, he has looked good.

    And Henry hasn't been all that consistent.
    He had 27 yards against the Giants and 29 the first time against Houston. That's not what a good back should be producing in any game. And he also did little against the Jets and Dolphins early on. The majority of his good games have come against teams with weak run defenses.

    As for Brown, I'd like to keep him as a backup, but as I see it there's zero chance he'd consider returning. But it's not that hard to find a quality backup RB. Hell, we had Skip Hicks play well in 2001 and he hasn't even been able to make an NFL roster since...
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    We didn't run the ball well until the line changed. Surely you don't think that is coincidence. It made all 3 of our backs look below average in the begining.

    You can look at any good back and find bad games. I don't see that that proves anything. Henry is a good back, do you doubt that?

    If we have a proven starter, then the backup role is less important. But we don't have EG we can count on to play every game. Since we don't have a guy who's proven to be reliable enough for that, we need more than Skip Hicks.
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    Henry has a better avg. on 4 times the carries, not to mention he's at almost 1000 yards in 10 games started. How anyone can think White has looked even remotely as good as Henry is beyond me.

    And, SK, George got a lot of yards whenever he played a bad run defence as well and so do every other back in the league, why should that count against Henry?
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