Cordarrelle Patterson or Tavon Austin

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by mike75, Apr 7, 2013.

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    Where are you getting the information about him running improvised routs? It's true that the SEC isn't the NFL, but is any college conference the NFL? No. So you can't use that excuse. If you did, then no college player is ever ready to play in the NFL. The SEC is the closest to pro you can play in college, and he dominated. What else more can you ask of the guy? What else can you expect out of him? He did the best he could have done at the highest level he could be at. Did you watch him play? The guy is incredible with the ball. I don't know where everyone is getting this mess about him not being able to run routs. Take a look at this article. 7th paragraph. You may not trust this guy, but I think he knows what he's talking about.
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    Of course I can use the "SEC is not the NFL" argument. You brought up the SEC as if it will translate into success in the NFL for him. With that logic, you might think Bray will be great too.

    SEC defenses as a whole are nothing close to any NFL's defense... that goes for Bama too.

    He's a gimmicky player, and his style at UT will not work in the NFL. He'll need to run his routes every single play... something he rarely did in college.

    Just with some quick googling, you can get info on how his route running skills are weak. Of course I've watched him play... I go to UT. That's a large part of why I know he doesn't run his routes well if at all.

    Every article I posted refers to his weakness in route running and how that won't bode well for him in the NFL. It will take a lot of work.

    Also, you'll hear about poor pass catching techniques, getting easily jammed at the line, and the way he tries to make plays can get him killed in the NFL... think Reggie Bush's rookie year when Sheldon Brown F'd him up.

    As I've said... huge risk. He's more likely to bust than be worthy of a top 10 pick, and that's enough to not draft him so early. He's raw to say the least. I'm not even necessarily saying that he won't become a good player in the NFL. It's very possible he could become a great WR, but he's simply not worth the risk... especially not for the Titans.

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    Route running is not a hard fix. So if that is the only argument it is a weak one. I have no idea about his character and smarts so I'm not going to comment about that.
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    In addition to the usual complaints, he struggles at tracking the ball. I recall numerous plays where he beat his guy and didn't even get a hand on the ball because he misread it.
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    Route running isn't a hard fix?

    Totally disagree with you there.
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    route running is probably the biggest thing that keeps receivers from making an impact early on.
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    I beg to differ. Route running is one of the main reasons receivers bust in the NFL.
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    I think Austin is actually the best offensive weapon in this draft. This guy is a major nightmare for DCs. This is quick, not just fast, but quick and agile.
    He is short, but I really don't think that makes him less of a threat in the NFL. He will make defenders look silly. Plus, he is versatile. You can line him up in the slot and in the backfield. I would not be heartbroken if we take him at #10.
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    Same here if we draft Tavon Austin i wouldn't be heartbroken either because all it gives Locker and our offense is another weapon and paired with Britt and Wright along with Walker at TE that would give us in my opinion a pretty damn good offense.Also we've gotten Levitre from Buffalo to help the line and C.J. is already a threat when he runs the ball and the line does its job.Maybe its just me but we are a weapon or so away from being a very good offense so who knows maybe GM Webster will surprise us all and take another receiver especially if he is the best player available.
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    Austin may very well be the BPA if he's available at #10. Assuming guys like Ansah, Lotulelei, and Warmack are gone, I wouldn't hate on the pick since Britt is gone after this year and Nate is here for two more seasons at the max. However, I'd prefer to make a trade with the Vikings and take one of their 1st round picks along with other picks. I actually think this is a pretty realistic scenario. The Rams are another option. Fisher was extremely pissed when the Jags took Blackmon. He's going to take a WR in the first round. Maybe we can rob him blind.

    Just don't trade with the Texans. Let them continue to suffer at WR (outside of Johnson).