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    I see alot of ppl believe that CJ needs a reliable backup. I understand why but the year he rushed for 2006 yards he didnt have a reliable backup and rushed the ball well over 300 times. The bigger problem is the offensive play calling, qb play, the passing threat, the offensive line injuries, and having one of the worst defenses in the league. Locker doesnt scare defenders so teams primarily aim at stopping cj. It also doesnt help that our playcalling has been horrendous all year. the running formations are too obvious. We bunch everybpdy at the line of scrimmage so its alot easier for defenders to stack the box. CJ made the mess that was this year into a small bright spot that reminds us of what we still have. One of the best running backs in the league. We need a new play caller that not only understands CJ's strengths but also understands how defenses gameplay against him. But first and foremost CJ just needs more HELP around him.
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    The 2000 yard season was a perfect storm for CJ. Defenses hadn't fully figured out how to contain him a little more yet, the o-line was clicking, VY came in and made them have to spy the QB, CJ was running a 4.24 and in his prime speed wise. Things will never be the same but he is a 1500 yard back easily in the right circumstances. He put up good numbers this year when we had an o-line not comprised of practice squad players, I think he'll put up 1300 the next 2-3 years if we can get the o-line out of the cellar.

    ALSO Jake needs to learn to read the defense. The dude will not audible out of a play where it's obvious CJ will lose 3. Then it happens. Every time. The run game played like garbage as soon as Jake came back and I think he is part of the reason and it wasn't only the injuries.
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    Titans need a power back, late round fat arse or UFA type, too pound the rock in short yardage/clock kill situations. Use :cj: as a rapier not a cudgel
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    I am saying that there are bigger priorites in helping CJ than finding a bruising backup running back. It is no coincidence that none of our backups were able run the ball effectively between the tackles. We need better O-Line play and playcalling.
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    the only one who ran forward did ok - lol

    only got 5 carries in garbage time in the last quarter of the last game though

    and I could not care less about 'helping' :cj: The little guy does need help. Third and 1 needs too be a run play not a pass or a surrender
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    I think he is still running a 4.24!
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    He scored a td on third and 1 from 3 yards out last week...........Pure blind hate Got. Thanks for reminding me why I dont respect a thing you say because it has no validity behind it!

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    Fixing the run game starts up front but we need a No.2 RB regardless. What if CJ goes down? You really want Harper playing?
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    We still need a power back, someone that we can rely on to get 3-4 yards a carry every run. CJ isn't built to be an every down back and and the fact it's widely known CJ loses a lot of yards, it would be beneficial to CJ and the offense to get a fata** that can get 12 carries a game and help prolong drives. The power back would also wear down defenses for CJ.

    And for Pete's sake, can we please learn to draw up some screens for CJ.
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    Mendenhall gonna be a FA... I'd give him a contract in a heart beat.

    CJ needs to be the back that rides with a heavy back. Gets half the carries. Idc if he's crying he isn't getting 25 carries a game, we need to start moving away from him and a full time role.

    Of course the UN blocking scheme has been ****e, and we don't have any starting calibre guards. FA and draft.
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