Don’t expect Titans to use tag

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    When Scaife got the tag TEs were no getting paid near as much and the tag wasn't that high.
    Not sure I agree with the Titans thinking here. The tag is the only way to gain some leverage if you want to re-sign a guy long term. It also gives the team a chance to trade the player although that rarely happens. And keeping Verner one more year under the tag isn't the end of the world. After one year we can let him go so we don't have money tied up. If we let him walk we get nothing and assuming the team will be somewhat active in signing more FAs we probably won't even get a comp pick.
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    I can totally see the Titans pulling a Haynesworth II with Casey and waiting til next season and then tag him so we put off his big deal til 2015. While it's smart to sign him now as it would be cheaper, we can also let him play well under his last year off rookie deal for nothing, thus having $ to keep CJ or re-sign Pollard or Verner.

    I would love to have the Corner position locked up for years but I also don't know what the team is thinking with CJ yet.

    CJ decides almost everything the Titans do in FA
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    Good extension? Eh. 8 mill is far too much for McCourty.

    Got burned on that one for seeing some mere "potential"... which is about all he has ever showed.
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    I didn't know that McCourty was getting paid that damn much. What a waste, and people talk about CJ being overpaid. WTF has McCourty done since getting that kind of money? Not a damn, especially not enough to warrant the price tag.

    Verner should have been locked up before the season. McCourty should never have been given that deal. I know it was Reinfeldt and Fisher but that was just a horrible waste of money.
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    I think he's a top 20 CB in the league and has upside. Pro Football Focus agrees.

    And he cost $6.8M last season.
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    Good lord. Does he have to get pro bowl stats for him to be worth it for some of you guys? How about a guy who may not make a lot of flashy plays, but consistently shuts down the opposing #1 WR? That's McCourty. But you guys need your precious INTs and fumble recoveries. [​IMG]
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    Deuce Wayne Damnit, I cant find my driving moccasins anywhere!


    Notice who the CB is anytime there's a big completion?

    PFF's numbers I don't trust. McC gets beat farrr too often for my liking.

    Definitely not #1 material.
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    No disrespect to you personally but that's bullsh!+ McCourty shuts nothing down. He is big, has good speed and can tackle but he is not a shutdown corner by any means. Also when people argue the exact same points about CJ that you make for JMac they're considered out of touch. I like JMac but he is not at all worth the pay he's getting.
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    Perhaps you can explain to me why McCourty has been a starter for the past several years, and Vern had to win his #2 job in camp and preseason last year? If McCourty is so obviously better, surely all of our coaches and managers who do this for a living would have picked up on it, ya think?

    Stats don't lie. The eye test doesn't lie. Vern has gotten a lot better and may get even better yet, but McCourty has had a much more solid career thus far.
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    that one PO'd me for real

    signing that midget CB from the ponies, and then playing him for the whole contract, was right up there with me. Harper was horrid. Only thing positive about that deal was that it took something from the ponies. Too bad it took a horrible player and made room for just one that sucked

    dont get me started there are more, way more.... more than should be mentioned
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