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Earl Thomas with our #1 pick!

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by RollTide, Mar 7, 2010.

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  1. Soxcat

    Soxcat Starter

    I can't believe we would pick Thomas with any idea but to have him play CB. Remember when they picked Griff they still were not sold on who was going to be the starting CB opposite Harper. Griff started out as a CB but moved to S later in the year. We don't have a void at S now either like we had then so barring injury there is no reason to put Thomas at S.
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  2. chamgel2

    chamgel2 Starter

    I would love them taking Thomas in round 1, even if it is to play the S position. We have many needs, and wont be able to fill them all, taking the best talent available is the way to go. If he can play corner that is a bonus, but teaming him with Griffin for years at safety would be a bonus too. Thomas or McClain would be my pick, but I doubt McClain falls. Carlos Dunlap is the player I absolutely do not want in round one, just feel he has bust written all over him. On a side note, I would love for Javier Arenas to fall to us in round 3/4, if for no reason other then his return abilities, although I think he will become a very solid nickle corner.
  3. xpmar9x

    xpmar9x The Real Slim Shady

    Titans need a DE in the 1st now. Finnegan, Rod Hood, Mouton, and McCourty will be fine, and don't forget Fuller. Add in another 3rd round CB and we'll be set. A DE is more important now.
  4. chamgel2

    chamgel2 Starter

    I agree DE is a bigger need then CB, but if it comes down to Dunlap vs Thomas, I take Thomas any day of the week. Brandon Graham I would be fine with, or trading down and taking Hughes. I would also be fine taking Thomas in round 1, and grabbing a guy like Selvie in round 3 (currently projected round 3-4), who I think plays faster then his 40 time. The way I see it, we pretty much need D help across the board, DE, DT, LB, CB, S(depending on Hope), so you take the best available player at the combined positions and move on.
  5. Big Time Titan

    Big Time Titan Big Time Titan

    Great point. We need DE help more than CB at the moment. And like you said if it comes down to Dunlap or Thomas, Thomas in a heartbeat without hesitation.

    I can see us taking a DE from a small school that no one's ever even heard of in round 3. We're pretty good at scouting these small school guys.
  6. RollTide

    RollTide All-Pro


    But is there a DE worth taking in rd one? We need a big time pass rusher not a good all around type guy.

    Mouton and McCourty got torched last year when they played. I don't know if Mouton can even play outside he seems like a slot/NB type guy and Fuller never has played outside.

    So that leaves us with a journeyman CB who has been cut by other teams in Hood and a young guy who guy torched when he played. We need to do better than that.
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  7. xpmar9x

    xpmar9x The Real Slim Shady

    ...like 5 haha.
    I think if we get a DE 1st round and a CB 3rd round we'll be better.
    If Joe Haden is still around at our pick then I say get em. But I think i'd rather take Morgan, Graham, JPP, or Griffen over Kyle Wilson.
  8. Austin_Bill

    Austin_Bill Camp Fodder

    The more I look at our needs the more I wonder how we ever won any games? This team needs a huge infusion of talent at DT, DE, OLB, and CB

    yet we also need help in Interior Oline, WR, and maybe TE.

    About the only place we are good is QB RB and S, and we all know how the QB debate has been going on.

    I'm looking at this draft and thinking we need to go with the best player available.

    As much as I love Earl Thomas, and I think he is the best cover guy in the draft, I don't think he is the guy for us.

    My draft board would look like this

    1. Suh - gone
    2. McCoy - gone
    3. Pierre-Paul - probably gone
    4. McClain - probably gone
    5. Kindle - I love his versatility
    6. Thomas - again I love his versatility
    7. Jermaine Gresham - I think he is going to be the best TE in the NFL in 3 years
    8. Dez Bryant - probably gone but an amazing talent
    9. CJ Spiller - another difference maker on offense = more points :)
    10. Mike Iupati - we can use a infusion of talent on the oline and this guy is a bull.
  9. Gut

    Gut Pro Bowler


    I'd disagree. Hope was burned by the Ravens in our playoff loss repeatdely and has been 'lost' ever since. He had a TERRIBLE year and really should have been benched except we have no one else (Nickey's a ST guy) and we don't like holding players accountable for poor performance.

    If we draft Thomas and put him at S, I would just about guarantee he easily outplays Hope giving us better pass coverage, more INT's and a better secondary. They may try him at CB first only because we have no set starter opposite Finny.

    Personally, Hope is on the bubble. Was last year an aberation fixable with a better pass rush or has he become the Roy Williams (the S, not the WR) of the Cowboys a few years ago? Thomas is an excellent talent and one of the things I like about him in addition to him being a playmaker is that he has a very good shot to be able to play at TWO positions (like Hughes IMO). A lot less downside risk and a lot of upside ceiling.

  10. Soxcat

    Soxcat Starter

    I wouldn't have a problem playing Thomas at S if that helps the team the most. It really comes down to where our biggest need is. Is it at CB (where I think Thomas is more suited in the NFL because of his ball skills and lack of being real physical) or is it S where Hope is on the down side. Sure both spots could use an upgrade so it might be a tough call. It might also come down to playing him early on to see where he fits best. IMO I would draft him with the idea of starting him at CB but if one of the other CBs really comes on we can move him to S like we did with Griff. IMO Thomas has more potential value at CB. Just my opinion.
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