Franchising Jared Cook

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    Franchising him is the right thing to do. If he goes out and has a 70 catch 900 yard season then he is probably gone for good since he will be so expensive but at least we got that much out of him.

    I do long for the days when we had a TE who could play every down and be a real asset to the passing game like Wycheck was. And back then we had the big blocking TE also in Kinney. Take any of the every down TEs i have talked about, Davis, Olsen, Keller and combine them with Stevens and that is what we would have.

    The hope here is that we get a great season out of Cook and if he has over priced himself Thompson should be ready to produce in 2014. Perhaps Thomason will be our long term answer at that position.
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    Cook will come into the game on a 3rd and 8 and line up in the slot. Of course he is going to get WR type coverage. A team might gamble and put a fast Will backer on him but once that doesn't work he gets nothing but safeties and NBs.

    Cook has benefited in my opinion from the fact that the titans have had many different guys who can make plays at the WR position. While we have not had that super star type guy at WR we have had a lot of depth out there and can line up with 4 quality guys. D-will had 45 catches in 2011 and Wright had over 70 this year. Washington has always been solid. And britt when he has been healthy.

    So if cook is getting inadequate coverage it is because they have several guys to worry about.
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    Which is why we shouldnt just use him in the slot on third down. Line him up in the TE posistion. Idc he if he isnt the greatest blocker. It will create so big mismatches they will have to respect it and it will hurt their pash rush!
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    How about lining Cook up in the slot ALL THE TIME. That is my point. It forces the defense to go nickel or we have a mismatch. So if Cook has LB coverage throw him the ball. If he has NB coverage run the ball. Why show our hand. But goodness, get an OL that can handle thier one on one blocks.
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    Cam didn't throw to Olson for the first part of the season for some reason. He can catch way better than Cook, but he is not the world's greatest blocker.
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    Would be unique for the NFL. I would be down with that. Could start a new trend.
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    The Colts did it for years with Dalla Clark. Cook is a different type of player but the idea is siimlar. If the defense want to top the run Cook runs by them. If they stay in nickel and focu on stoppng the pass you can run the ball.

    Oh, and having a FB is a waste of a potential play maker being on the field. The FB was taking Cook's playing time away. So we basically told the defense what we were doing and let the defense know we had a guy on the field that wasn't a threat in any way in the FB. We might as well have put another OG or OT in the game.