Game 2 Positives...

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    so your saying he had a chance.....
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    Yeah... no one is making that catch.

    Can we get a gif?

    Truth is- Jake saw the blitz post-snap... so he freaked out. That's why it had so much under it. Forget that it was far too high- it was also thrown with far too much velocity. All he had to do was toss that one in there.

    Easiest throw he's going to be asked to make- and he VY'd it.
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    While the bad throw wasn't literally impossible to catch, the best receivers wouldn't have caught that 9 out of 10 times, that was on Locker, it's just easy to blame KB because of the crappy came he was already having. Even before the snap, I was thinking surely we were gonna do a quick QB sneak on 3rd and inches with the clock in our favor and the ball on our own 40, especially since I don't think their defense was completely set.
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    The best thing about that game was and is the defense outside of the drives Gray calls (first and last). We are aggressive as hell and swarm to the ball and when we get there lay a lick on somebody. The Cows will lose next week they just spent 60 minutes taking body blows. So 2-1 and tied for first sounds like a positive
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  5. Deuce Wayne

    Deuce Wayne Damnit, I cant find my driving moccasins anywhere!

    Their receivers are going to be scared next time, that's for sure.

    Andre = Shook like maracas.

    I think that's why he was pretty invisible for most the game- he didnt want to go up or cross the middle. When he finally did- Pollard K'd him TFO.
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    our play calling sucked!!!!!!!!! we lost because we were not aggressive and we shut our O down when we were up by 8. You need to get the first down when you have the ball. We play the chargers who put up 585 yards of offense yesterday, I sure hope we can keep up with them or we are done for because we aren't going to win a shoot out
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    I didn't get to watch yesterday's game, except the horrific finish, but I'm just happy the team is competing on defense.

    We may not know how to close out games just yet, but we can compete with anybody and that is a HUGE step in the positive.
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    sure hope you are right... we are gonna get our chance when we play seattle, san fran, and denver.
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    Concerning CJ, I wonder if he is taking Croom's coaching too much to heart. Croom has been wanting him to get up field instead of taking everything to the sideline, but their sure looked like a few runs that if CJ took outside he might have taken it to the house.

    I haven't read through all 7 pages of the thread so sorry if i repeat stuff.

    I really liked how we went man coverage with McCourty taking AJ and Verner on the #2. It was nice to actually see us play tight man coverage and now we know that Verner can play either side just as well.

    I thought Ropati had a great game. Did a very nice job of actually slowing the TE up and thus messing up the timing of plays. He was solid setting the edge against the run as well.

    All in all I thought the defense played very well against a very good Texans offense. The Texans just made a few great plays which won them the game.

    Locker made some great throws and he made some horrible throws. He just has to get more consistent or the offense will go through spells of 3 and out. Lots of people have dogged the play calling as being predictable, but if you look at the plays we threw just as much on 1st down as we ran it. It is tough to call plays backed up in your own endzone.

    We had several key penalties that really hurt. The cut back block call on Turner negated a 15yd play that would have gotten us out of the horrible field position. Instead we end up with a safety.

    Reynaud has got to make better decisions fielding the punts. He has got to let those balls inside the 10yd line hit and see if they go into the endzone. If they do then super we start at the 20. If the Texans down it at the 1 yd line then so be it. Not much difference between the 1 yd line and the 5 yd line if you ask me.

    The OL had a rough day, but we know the Texans D is tough to play against. This team is playing much better than I would have thought and we certainly have room for improvement.

    I just hope the defense can plant Phillip Rivers in the turf. I hate that cocky sob but he is playing well now and has always carved us up. Hopefully that ends this weekend.
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    Another positive is that it was a road game, so De Hopkins didn't smear feces all over a Nashville hotel room.
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