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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by PitBull, May 2, 2007.

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  1. DJB

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    Olsen may end up being a great TE but TE isn't one of the major holes in the team. It would be like buying a nice piece of furniture when the living room window is busted out. No one doubts its a very nice piece of furniture but everyone agrees it would be a wiser decision to get the window fixed first
  2. Soxcat

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    Over the last 7 drafts the average drafting position in the 1st round for TEs was 19.6. Thats despite having two TEs drafted #6 in that time frame.
    If you take out the two oddities at #6 the average for all others is 22.7.

    Only a very elite few TEs get picked in the top third of the first round. Most get picked in the bottom half of the first round. Most team think they can get adequate TEs later in the draft and only teams that have the luxury of using a first round pick because they have fewer needs usually take one.
  3. RollTide

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    Soxcat what?

    What are you saying? Makes no sense.

    1. I could give a rats buttocks where guys are drafted. The so called million dollar experts are wrong more than 50% of the time. Matt millen drafted charles rogers with the 2nd pick. Had he drafted ben hartsock he would have gotten a more useful guy.

    2. Of the 29 WR drafted the in rd 1 in the last 7 drafts the average draft position is....19.8.. So don't draft one of those either? When was the average safety picked?

    3. We drafted 19th!

    Finally the cu de grais, the knock out punch. Did you look at those 1st rd TEs? TEs drafted in rd 1 from 01-05. All with a 2 year or more track record.

    heath miller

    So where is the bust? Which guy is a charles rogers pile of crap? ALL of them are damn good players! ((((Every one!))))
  4. Smart***Titan

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    I would respectfully disagree that J Stevens is a damn good player, otherwise carry on with your argument. (Seven out of Eight are damn good players ain't bad!)
  5. oochymp

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    Stevens isn't a bad player, I wouldn't consider him 'damn good' either, but he's definately a solid TE, he's just a head case
  6. Titans2008

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    Stevens drops way too many passes and isn't a very good blocker. His only saving grace is his athletic ability. Average TE at best.
  7. RollTide

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    Ok 7 of 8 then...

    Stevens biggest problem is getting out there and playing. The most games he has started in a season are 11 and he only started 6 last year.

    378 yards per the last 3 years, 12% of steven's receptions are 20 yards or more and 12% are for TDs. 60% of his catches are first downs. That's solid production but not top tier.. Maybe he needs a team that will play him more rather than just alternate him. He is just 27 so his best years might be ahead.
  8. Smart***Titan

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    I still don't see why everyone is so down on Troupe. I mean if we are throwing Jerramy Stevens out there as a solid TE... his stats are identical or worse than Troupes... Stevens has played in 5 NFL seasons-71 games total. His career in those 71 games... 130 catches for 1458 yards. Troupe has played in 3 seasons, not played in 9 games for a total of 39 games played. His career in those 39 games (just over half of Steven's games played)... 101 catches for 1009 yards.

    Oh, and Heath Miller the best TE in the Draft two years ago and the #1 TE for the Steelers, who passed a lot last year? His stats over his first two years were 73 catches for 852 yards. Guess what Troupe's stats were over his first two years? 88 catches for 859 yards. Everybody (he was on every fantasy guru's draft board for up and coming picks) thought Troupe was going to blow up last year, unfortunately it didn't happen. Part of it was that he was nicked up, part of it was playing with a rookie QB, and yes part of it may have been that he didn't give max effort last year. However, the guy has shown a lot of potential, he is never going to be a great blocker, but he can be a very good receiving tight end.

    RT, once again I understand why you would think that drafting a TE like Olsen would be beneficial, but I think that there were several things going through the staff's heads. #1 I don't know, even if you are going by the BPA model, that Olsen was our staff's BPA, #2 who knows if they even thought that he was the best TE available... I mean they did surprise by taking a safety that most people had ranked 3 or 4, #3 I think they still see the upside in troupe, who is still, including our undrafted free agent signings this year, the youngest TE on our roster. He is actually only two years older than Olsen, who came out one year early. #4 IMHO, TE is just not a position you stockpile. You mention LJ and Priest Holmes, but that was also the season that Priest started having hip problems and the Chiefs were uncertain if he would even play that year. LJ was a need pick, not a BPA pick. The Ben Watson pick by NE was made because NE plays the salary cap game and knew that they would not be resigning Daniel Graham, same goes for Clark and Pollard with the Colts. I wouldn't have been surprised to see us draft a TE, but 1st round for this team this year would have been crazy. Let's see what Mr. Troupe does this year, then if we want to bash him, I'll lead the charge.
  9. PitBull

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    Maybe we should have traded down our 1st round pick for some other teams' 1st and 2nd and gone for olsen.

    We would have ended up with Olsen, Henry, and another second round pick.

    Don't get me wrong.. I'm looking forward to Griffen and excited to see what he can do for us, however i'd rather we went with Olsen and relied on Harper, Pacman, finnegan, Fuller and Hope to guard our our backfield...
  10. RollTide

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    I see the clark and johnson draft picks in 03 as an example of thinking ahead. Pollard went on to have his best season in 03 and holmes made the pro bowl in 03. Watson joined the pats 3 years before they lost graham so that is either thinking way ahead or they just drafted him because they really liked him.

    I think troupe and scaife will do fine.
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