Smack Houston, you have a problem (Schaub)

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  1. Deuce Wayne

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    I always say they're overrated.

    But you guys are jumping the gun a bit.

    This division race is between us and them. 3rd place is quite a drop-off between the Colts and Jags.
  2. The Playmaker

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    You forgot about Jacksonville.
  3. The Playmaker

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    Agreed, I believe they were overrated to start the year but they're definitely not done yet. People can say they really could be 0-4, well they could be 3-1. We could be 4-0 or could be 1-3. It works with every team.

    Matt Schaub is definitely overrated, can't believe some people think he was a top QB entering the year.
  4. RavensShallBurn

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    I think 'cellar' can just be interpreted as the bottom quarter of the league.

    Jags, Bucs, Steelers (ahhh feels good), etc. are in the cellar this year.

    It's a shame about the Bucs though. With a good offense, they could be 3-1 right now.
  5. The Playmaker

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    They won't even be near the cellar at the end of the year. I still think they end up being 1st or 2nd in the division.
  6. RavensShallBurn

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    I never said they would be. I said in two years.
  7. The Playmaker

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    I didn't say you were, just saying I don't think they'll be in that area this year.
  8. 5tweezyPOT

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    how the f do Houston and indi get seattle at home and we and Jacksonville gotta go there dern it
  9. Escape Goat

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    Got to protect the offseasons hotter franchises. Plus larger market teams. It's a ****ing conspiracy, and no one will convince me otherwise. Every damn year the damn Titans get one of the roughest schedules the NFL has to offer. I'm about damn sick of it
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  10. RavensShallBurn

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    I'm going to try to explain this the best I can... the NFL scheduling is not randomized (well, the order is - I hope). But as I've said before, 14/16 of every teams games have already been determined, at least for the near future. We could point to the 2017 season and know 14 of our opponents and where we'll play them.

    Each year, each division in the league plays one division in their conference and outside their conference (8 games) and obviously play their divisional opponents (6 games). The final two opponents won't be determined until after the season is finished up. These opponents are based on division ranking i.e. we finished 3rd in our division last year, so we get a 3rd place schedule in which we play 3rd place teams in the AFC (Jets and Steelers).

    I think this system started in 2002 when the Texans entered the league. I have no idea how the NFL schedule worked before then and whether or not a similar pattern was involved.

    We'll use our schedule since we're more familiar with it, but you'll see the patterns pretty easily.

    2002: NFC East & AFC North
    2003: NFC South & AFC East
    2004: NFC North & AFC West
    2005: NFC West & AFC North
    2006: NFC East & AFC East
    2007: NFC South & AFC West
    2008: NFC North & AFC North
    2009: NFC West & AFC East
    2010: NFC East & AFC West
    2011: NFC South & AFC North
    2012: NFC North & AFC East
    2013: NFC West & AFC West

    So going off of this pattern you can tell that we will be playing the NFC East and AFC North next year. You can write that down, take it to the bank, whatever... but it's set in stone - unless the NFL decides to change this. Furthermore, teams swap locations the next rotation, so for example, when we played the Packers at home in 2008, we played them in Green Bay in 2012. We played the Jets at LP back to back seasons because one of those meetings was due to us playing the entire division (2012) and one was due to us playing a 3rd place schedule (2013) and it was our turn to play in Nashville for each of those rotations. It's the same reason we played in Buffalo back-to-back seasons. It happens.

    In the end, we were technically supposed to play the Seahawks in Nashville and the Cardinals in Arizona, but I guess due to logistics/scheduling conflicts, they sent us back out to Seattle. It's a damn shame because the Seahawks aren't a great road team, and we would have a chance.

    I know PK tried to say that the schedule rotation reset. Nope. He's wrong... PK, I know you read my posts. No, the NFL scheduling did not reset. Go look at other team's schedules... they're all still on the same pattern. We just got screwed over. Chalk it up to bad luck.