How The Rookies Can Contribute

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    1. Wright starts as the #3 in the slot, where he is probably best suited anyway. May also get a shot at return duties.

    2. Brown plays a lot on special teams, as a punt gunner and kick coverer. Plays on third downs covering TE's and rushing the passer from the OLB spot.

    3. Martin will start off as a 2 down tackle in the rotation, with Klug coming in on third downs to rush the passer. Martin may also play on the field goal and punt blockage units.

    4. Sensebaugh will start off as a punt gunner. May eventually earn time as a dime corner.

    5. Thompson is a wild card. Who knows? Nobody really knows where he is TE wise. Is the staff going to use him exclusively at TE? Are they going to use him in the DE rotation? Hopefully by season's end he'll be a regular contributer on offense, but who knows?

    6. Martin - Who knows? Could do nothing next year, could push Griff or Babs for time.

    7. I don't see the DE doing much in his rookie season. I love the motor, but I just don't think he has the size and speed to be much of a DE.
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    Cool story bro......
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