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I am disappointed with the OL

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by HoustonTitan, Oct 1, 2013.


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    Turner has his share of downfalls but I promise you we lost nothing when we let Velasco loose. He's a timid football player that took years and years and some luck to crack a starting lineup.

    If you want to believe that guy is better than Turner then alright, but he's not.
  2. UrbanLegend3

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    Agree to Disagree I guess.
  3. smili

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    I've noticed Levitre pulling on several plays w/ nice blocks and wonder if he contributes favorably to the run-to-the-right stats?
  4. 5tweezyPOT

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    this from the guy sayin mccourtys better than verner

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    You have no legs to stand on
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    lol umm whos the number highest rated corner on our team...and if Im not mistaken the league...if not anymore hes gotta be top 5.

    yea that's right
    theres like 50 legs right there
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    I see it slightly differently; if you look at the stats we are getting over 300 yds. per game and sitting at 15th in average yards per game, and we're getting better each game. BTW we are #7 in total scrimmage plays overall, so were getting 1st downs and moving the ball more than the last few years. Still we just need to get more of those crucial 3rd downs to keep drives alive once we get into the opponents territory. We have had to many penalties on both sides of the ball, and some big missed catch opportunities in our first 3 games. Our O line is opening some holes, but our backs are not taking advantage. CJ started opening up in game 3, but didn't do squat last week against the Jets.

    The season is young, we've been improving each game. As I have said on other threads: this injury to Jake will test our mettle... how our team deals with this adversity is what can make us champions!
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    We rank 26th running the ball with only the Bills having had more run attempts than we have.
    Even worse we rank 28th in run blocking. We're running up the middle 58% of the time.
    With numbers like that I find it hard to criticise Chris Johnson.

    We have to figure out how to fix the running game if we want to get to the playoffs and do more than just show up. Centre is still an issue and maybe Bruce Matthews is part of the problem.
  9. EnglandTitan66

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    Turner should be replaced by Schwenke as soon as possible. Should have kept Velasco really. If you saw the London game Velasco looked like a pro-bowler but then trash cans could block more than the other guys on their line at the moment. The only other guy who had a clue was DeCastro but that was only when he was pulling in run block schemes ; his pass blocking stank.
    Having said that I am just thankful these days that I don't have to see Amano's ass in the backfield every play.
    Talking of ass - Matthews - get his out of town. Being Munch's pin-up boy don't make you an all-pro coach.