If C.J. Doesn't Improve After Bye Start Limiting Carries

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by mike75, Oct 26, 2013.

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    I know its already been discussed that we are about to play easier defenses as far as the run game is concerned.But if for whatever reason there is no improvement or only slight improvement i really wish they would limit his carries.There is no reason to waste plays running him into a wall of defenders over and over.I think they would need to try things differently like giving Greene and Battle more of the workload running the ball.Seems like Greene and Battle could wear some defenses down since they are both physical backs.

    Also they could start throwing C.J. more passes out of the backfield.Not sure why they don't do this more often because he burns defenses once he gets out in the open field.We could use him for things like this more often instead the same 'ol up the middle.Bottom line is when they are feeding him the ball and he is not gaining yardage it is hurting our chances of doing anything on offense.I really would like to see Locker throwing the ball to his receivers more if the running game isn't working.

    I'm not sure who would agree or disagree with me on that matter.Don't get me wrong i'd love to see C.J. run the ball well and for our offense to do well.I just don't like seeing our offense waste opportunities trying to get C.J. and the ground game going if its simply not working with him then its not working.No need to waste a quarter or two trying to get it going.Thats when i'd like to see the coaching staff either feed the ball more to Greene or open the passing game up some.
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    If C.J./OL Doesn't Improve After Bye Start Limiting Carries

    Fixed it for you..
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    I have always been the guy that wants the run to set up the pass, but this year I want the pass to set up the run.

    So taking away carries from CJ is fine with me.
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    cj1yd absolutely BLOWS as a RB in this league. That being said, there is potential for yards to be gained tossing to him as an underneath receiver. Just as long as you get him as far away from defenders as possible to avoid "near contact tackling". For now, we need to do with what we will hopefully have soon at RB which is Shonn.
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    I go closer to 50/50 with CJ and Greene. Maybe more with Greene if he's 100% since he's rested.
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    I too would like to see something like a 50/50 split. If Greene comes on strong and clicks better with this OL/offense, it'll be interesting to see how the carries get split up.
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    CJ with Schwenke in there already looked worlds better than before...

    He was having a really good game against the 9ers (vaunted D) before the 'pass' stopped it cold... I rewatched parts of that game, he was running hard and well.

    Right now, no I wouldn't reduce his carries by that much. Maybe 70/30 or 60/40 max....

    Unless offcourse Greene is doing much better, than that would probably change everything. You gotta play the guy with the hot hands (or in this case legs)...
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    More passing. A lot more.
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    we are in trouble because we play the rams and jags the first two weeks after the bye, we should be able to run the ball well on these teams. I care more about the W but I do want to see us run the ball well.
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    I would like to see us exploit teams on the first drive with the pass in a no-huddle offense (Locker has excel in this offense late in games). Show teams we can beat them in the air and force them to play the pass. The second drive I would pound the defense with a mixture of Greene/Battle and after the defense is worn see if C.J can break the big one.
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