Is Jordan Matthews worth pick #100?

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by Dangermode, Apr 24, 2017.

  1. The Hammer

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    You want a WR from a team desperate to replace all their WR?
  2. RavensShallBurn

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    I wouldn't be irate if we gave up #100 for him, but I'd feel better offering up no more than a 5th.

    I know we desperately need a #1, but we still need depth.

    We have Matthews and Sharpe. That's literally it. No one behind them is worth a sh*t.

    So we could do much worse than Jordan Matthews. We could get him and try for a #1 WR in the draft... and we'd, at the very least, be in much better shape at WR than we were last year.
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  3. 615nick

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    Westbrook is much different type of wr compared to the other guys. He's more of a slot type, but i think he'd do well in our offense, if they let mm8 move around more, but then again, i felt the same way about wright. But, i think the other 3 are very comparable to matthews, as far as skills go. But, if the eagles (who need wrs) are trying to deal him, i really don't want to give up much. I'd really like the deal, if it was similar to the murray deal. We still need to add about 3 wrs before camp and if he's cheap, I'd take him, if not, wait til post draft cuts.
  4. Dangermode

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    I want a WR from a team desperate to replace all players Chip Kelly drafted.

    The Eagles didn't want Demarco and that worked out pretty well for us.

    I say bring Matthews back to Nashville where he thrived.