Is JR Spreading Rumors to Entice a Trade at #5?

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by RealestWhiteBoy, Apr 21, 2017.

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    Can people stop with this garbage? He had a top 5 coverage grade on PFF.
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    I'll say it again..... He is a box safety specialist. Run support genius.... And we just signed that.
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    Didn't Kalan Reed have some absurd coverage grade via PFF last year? Why didn't he tear up the NFL last season then? He's good in coverage no doubt I'm not saying he isn't but he's best attacking the line of scrimmage and underneath routes.
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    I said it before and I'll say it again:

    I will not be surprised in the least if Trubisky is the #1 overall pick Thursday night if Cleveland can't make a trade with pick #12 to move back into the top 10...and preferably ahead of the Jets at #6.

    The Haslams want a QB and I believe ownership will win out one way or the other.

    I don't believe the Jets will take a QB at #6 like some think, but feel like they are more likely to trade down to a team looking to move up to #6 to grab one of the QBs.

    I firmly believe we will also see at least 3 QBs in the top 20 (Trubisky, Watson and Mahomes) and maybe 4 in the first round.

    Do I think that those QBs are worth the high picks? No! But as some of you have said, NFL teams love the QB position and will give up the farm to get it! If any QB is worth picking high in this draft, I believe it's most likely Trubisky.
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    Didn't Cyrpien suck in coverage with the Jags?
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    That would normally be true, but what do we know from economics. Supply vs Demand! Too many teams NEED qb's so they will be reached for. Even the top guys in this draft need a year or two before they are playing at a good level (ideally) so taking someone in round 2 or 3 just extends the timeline. Does Hue Jackson have another 2 years to be getting 1-3 wins and keep his job? Does Todd Bowles after expectations were so high after his year 1 and so low after this season. Not sure he survives Cutler being his starter. Can Bill O'Brien survive with a bad qb after he was brought in because he's a qb 'guru' and keeps saying he has a guy or guys only to find out he has NOTHING! If he goes with Tom Savage and doesn't win the division despite adding JJ Watt to the best defense in the NFL...not sure he survives.

    So it's easy to say this and that guy aren't worth the pick, but someof these guys may lose their jobs if they don't get somebody. At least if you get Trubisky or Watson, you give HOPE and temper expectations that he's just gonna need some time (which may give the coach another year or two). But could you imagine being a Cleveland fan and taking Brad Kaaya and being told the great Brock Osweiller will be our starter. I wouldn't be paying for season tickets. How long have they been looking for a qb only to pass on good ones and take some pretty bad ones?

    So context is also a driving force here!

    Due to the above, I'll be shocked if no qb is taken in the top 10. Watson and Trubisky will not be around for round 2 and the Texans would love nothing more than one of these guys to fall that far. But I can't see them getting past Texans and KC and possibly Pitt and Denver or even NO or NE if they trade Jimmy G. So if you're the Jets and you don't grab a qb in round 1, not sure Kaaya or Kizer sitting on the bench for a year is gonna keep your job.
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    If he's so good against the run and a top 5 cover S, why wasn't he in the Pro Bowl and why did his team that benefited so much from him, get rid of him for another player?

    PFF's grades are no better than anyone else's on this site. I don't know why people keep touting their grades when they clearly are off and way off at times which means they aren't worth the cost people are paying to get them IMO. Clearly, the NFL itself doesn't believe these grades because of players like Cyprien getting high grades from PFF but not from it's own coaches who actually grade the film.

    I mean, if a coach told me he could accurately grade the secondary from a broadcast view most of the time - he clearly doesn't know how to watch film on the secondary!
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    Jamal Adams is WAY better in coverage than Cyprien is.
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    That explains why Jags let him go...
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    Good players leave teams for FA all the time. I'm not sure what you are getting at. Whether you think Cyprien is good or not is your own opinion but it's a poor example to prove a point.
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