Jags should have killed more clock while up 14

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    Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky DENVER - The Jaguars did a poor job of running clock while trying to protect a two-touchdown lead, and now it's a one touchdown lead.
    After a three and out that took only a little over a minute off the clock, the Jaguars punted the ball back to Denver.
    Glenn Martinez nearly broke the return for a score, but got dragged down by punter Adam Podlesh. The tackle only served to slow down the Broncos a bit. Brandon Marshall's spectacular run after catch got him out of the grasp of three players and on to a 26-yard gain, one of three plays in a quick scoring drive.
    Those of us already writing about how the Jags are leveling their record at 3-3 better get our heads back in the game. And the Jags better find a couple first downs if they want the result they're looking for.
    Both Maurice Jones-Drew and Michael Pittman are over 100 yards rushing.
    Jones-Drew just went over the number as the Jaguars seem more dedicated to running it than they were a little while ago.

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