Jake Locker led the NFL last season......................

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    I love sabermetrics but this is taking things too far and misrepresenting a concept...and that's being nice! So his bad decision making is only based on a few specific bad decisions he's NOT making? Furthermore, there are several QB's who throw touchdowns by throwing the ball when they are getting hit. Peyton Manning ate one and delivered a TD pass...was that a BAD DECISION?

    So this BDR is a misrepresentative stat...which makes it nearly useless. And for throwing the ball with a defender in the passing lane? There are a couple of elite QB's in this game (GB and Saints come to mind) who hit wr's frequently with a defender draped all over them...is that a bad decision?

    And how close to a passing lane does a defender have to be for it to be a bad decision? I mean, if the pass is broken up or intercepted...doesn't THAT tell you what was or was not a bad decision? Sometimes QB's need to thread the needle against tight zone coverage.

    Decision making in its simplest form can be summed up by how many td's a qb is responsible for versus how many turnovers he is responsible for. Turnover differential alone has the best chance at determining who is likely to win or lose a game based on a single stat (other than the score obviously).

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    I remember reading an article which was an interview with Parcells when he was coaching the Cowboys and they had this new QB name Romo. At this time, Romo wasn't the starter yet and it was during practice. Parcells tells Romo, if I call a toss or fle flicker or option play or reverse when we're backed up on our own goal line, assume I've gone insane and call something else. Parcells then is talking about something else while the guys go thru a few plays. Then Parcells calls a toss play while they are inside their own 5 yd line. Romo runs the play as called and Parcells explodes. Romo is confused for a minute...then understands his mistake!

    The above is not the case with our passing play described above. As someone else pointed out, it was designed to get an easy 5yds against a soft zone (or man) and it's easy for the QB. Locker didn't read it correctly and the defender didn't play as anticipated = pick 6. This is why pre-snap reads don't over ride what the QB sees during his dropback because everything can and frequently does change. It was a bad play and one you expect from a guy without a full year of starting experience. Question is, how many of those growing pains have we overcome and which will he still be making...if any. I think you heard that in one of Munchak's comments about Locker having a better understanding that he doesn't have to do everything. He has great players around him so he can afford to throw the ball a little short of the 1st down and expect one of our playmakers to make up the yardage if thats what the D is giving.

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    well in all fairness, they work really well in madden
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    Slants and outs exist.


    I dont know if that is a bad decision or poor technique. I would personally prefer to see a qb scramble when needed as opposed to throwing the ball away prematurely. He can learn ball protection.
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    Cutler threw one in week 1 to the Colts as well... equally as bad.

    But I'm not defending Locker. It was a terrible decision and he could have audibled before the snap, called TO, or thrown the ball away. That said, this play should not have been called.
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    playing vs LeBeau is just unfair to new qb's especially to start the season and I don't expect any different tomorrow, just hoping locker can manage the game and cut down on mistakes
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    If we beat the Steelers it will be because we have better players in our OL then they do in their front 7 (which I think is true). We are not going to win this game throwing the ball but I think we can win if our OL gets into the LB's are mauls.
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    I agree, we need to get off the ball tomorrow with a fury and hatred for pitt!!! The O line will be the difference between last year and this year and I can only hope the results in score are positive! Can't wait for tomorrow!