Jake Locker vs. DeMarco Murray

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Young54, Apr 13, 2012.

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    His name is Bucky, you are going to be special with a name like that.
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    He just doesn't know what he is talking about, and probably put very little research into this statement. We had CJ, who was coming off of a very good year at the time and he still wanted us to go RB with the #8 overall pick?? If the Titans didn't go QB, then the only other place to go was on Defense. JJ Watt would probably be the pick if not for Jake, but I have a good feeling in a couple years when they look back Jake will be the obvious choice for us.

    Also I don't think I would have taken Cam Newton over Jake either. I think Jake will be the better QB in the long run.
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    I hope you're right. But what Cam did was nothing short of amazing. Based on what we saw from him last year, it looks like Cam is on the sure path to becoming one of the NFL's greatest of all time. I realize 1 year is a small smaple size but I would never expect that from any rookie QB. Especially with such a crappy team around him.
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    He did have a great year, but I think it will be intereesting to see how he responds when teams are better able to contain his running. The Titans did a great job of containing him when we played the panthers, and he was pretty ineffective for the whole game. Whenever he has success running the ball, it really opens up the downfield passing, but most likely he won't be able to keep up that success running the ball as teams become more familiar with him, and how to stop it. Kinda like what happened with VY. His rookie year he was able to run the ball a lot, and it opened up the defense. The next year he wasn't as successful running the ball, and he struggled quite a bit.

    And I am not really trying to compare Cam to VY and say that he will suffer the same fate, Cam did a lot more his rookie year passing wise than VY did, and could be a very successful QB in this league. I just think it will be interesting to watch how he progresses as a Qb. He really wasn't asked to make a lot of throws into tight windows and make quick decisions that you see the 'elite' QB's make. He could still develop into that type of qb one day, but it is still WAY too early to say he is on his path to becoming one of the NFL's greatest of all time ... there are plenty of rookies that have amazing seasons then fizzle out.

    I also need to see Cam show that he can win games. He put up tons of crazy statistics last year, but he hasn't shown that he is able to go out and win games for his team on a consistant basis. I know he had a pretty crappy team around him last year, but the "great" qb's find ways to win games no matter what.

    The reason I said I think Jake will be the better Qb is because I think Jake will be a better leader than Cam. I see Locker as that type of QB that will be able to get the whole team to rally behind him and win those tough games. Just the type of competitor he is and personality he has. I don't see that in Cam right now. He pouts on the sideline when thing aren't going his way, and he just seems a little immature. It can be hard to get the older guys on your team to fall in line behind you if you are still a little immature.

    And I'm not hating on Cam by any means. He could very well develop into a great QB, but I am not going to say he is even close yet.
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    This sort of thing has happened before.

    Remember two years ago when Vick was the new starter in Philly, and looked unstoppable? Then last year, he was stopped?

    Remember early in Vince's career, he looked so promising? Then defenses figured him out?

    The same will happen with Cam. It already has to some degree. Defenses started to figure him out late last season (ours was one of them). I'm not saying he won't be a good one, but he's going to have to develop, just like every other QB.
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    In the 2011 Draft Re-Do Bucky Brooks has us taking DeMarco Murray over Jake Locker at 8. Is he out of his mind?

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    "Well this is embarrassing..."
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    No time for "what if". The past is the past. We could go down the long list and look at many draft fu*k ups.
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    He's still stupid... I wanted Quinn, Fairley, or Watt.

    I assume he had Watt at #2 and Quinn higher up than #8, but Murray did not belong at #8. Not at all. Locker didn't either. I knew that when we picked him... doesn't mean I'd go back and take Murray with that pick.

    Murray is good and all, but at that time it was an incredibly dumb assessment on Bucky's part. And if Murray was on our team right now, he'd be done. He's already had durability issues. Our OL would've gotten him killed.

    Why bump this thread though? lol
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    Nice bump, Bucky.
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