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Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by QGP, Jan 18, 2011.

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  1. 2ToneBlueBlood

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    I've had this feeling for a while that Locker will be the pick. The last few days I'm convinced. Every interview I've heard from Munchak, whether it's on the radio, TV, or at sportsfest, he's always talking about how QB is their priority and that he likes mobile QBs. When he's asked about drafting defense he usually gives a short answer and doesn't seem as passionate about talking about it.

    From what I've read lately (though I know you're supposed to take articles with a grain of salt) the Titans like Locker, don't want to risk trading down and having Minnesota or Washington grab him, so they're going to take him at 8.

    I would MUCH prefer going defense here because we can get a stud and our defense had some major holes last year. I would be really disappointed if we took Locker at 8 and didn't attempt to move down. But my disappoinment would be directed at him, it would be losing out on a better player and no attempt at trying to move down and aquire picks. I think it would actually be exciting to have a new QB, a new face of the francise after what we've been through the last 5 years with VY.

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    Last night I watched the Washington vs Oregon State game, and in that game specifically, Locker looked like a pro. He had 5 TD's and a 60% completion percentage. I was impressed, not only with his stats, but with how he dealt with each situation. I was sold prior to really watching that game, but that sealed the deal. There was a play late in the 1st quarter where NOTHING was there, so he scrambled and made an amazing run until his own guy was in the way causing a fumble. They had only six 3rd down conversions, but that's because they took care of business a lot on 2nd down. Munchak is an offensive guy, he'll start his head coaching career off with drafting an offensive player. We need a QB, so Locker is my pick.

    I'd also like to get my hands on the Nebraska game again. I saw most of that game, but wasn't watching Locker too closely.
  3. Soxcat

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    Not sure I agree with this. Assuming the CBA gets worked out by some miracle and players can be traded I'd swap picks with the Eagles taking Kolb in a heartbeat over Locker. What does Locker really have that is more impressive than Kolb outside of maybe unseen potential? There is also as good of a chance Locker ends up being a bust and the probablility of that happening is probably much higher than Locker being a future stud. Kolb has some NFL expererience and can step in and play the first game. Locker might not be ready for a year or two and even then he might not be any better than Kolb is now. The best thing that could happen for the Titans IMO is to be able to swap picks with the Eagles, still get a legit starting QB and still be able to draft a DT or other player of need in the 1st round. We would also still have out 2nd round pick. If we get into the 3rd and 4th rounds and a guy like Dalton happens to be available we can take him if we want a QB for development. IMO that scenario is a win win for the Titans.

    The trade is perfectly feasible. The Titans pick is worth 1400 value points. The Eagles is 760. Basically the Eagles will be getting the equivalent of the 29th pick in the draft for Kolb. It makes sense for the Eagles if they want Quinn or Amakumara because those guys are well above other players available at #23 at thsoe positions. As for the Titans that is a good spot to take a DT or Pouncy if he is still there. We still get a very good player in the 1st round. It would be like using our #8 pick and getting Pouncey, Taylor, Wilkerson, Paea or Liuget and getting Kolb. We would be nuts not to do it.
  4. jessestylex

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    Get locker. Worth the risk @8
  5. 24

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    Let me just say this, because every year this happens. No one knows what the Titans are thinking, but ever since last week, we've been in the "misinformation" part of the draft. When did these reports start surfacing? Last week. That's why I pretty much finalized my top 32 last week, that way I don't get swayed by what may be false press.

    That being said, I watched the Locker pro day, and I mentioned it then, but the first people to go talk with Locker were the Titans. This is what I said then.

  6. The Playmaker

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    The Titans kind of remind me of the Falcons a few years ago. They had to take a new QB so everyone knew Vick was done and to have a new face of the franchise. Hopefully we get the same result if Locker is chosen.

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    We might see those same results by taking Locker. He's mature, takes his job seriously, and has tons of potential. A big reason Matt Ryan caught on so nicely was because he spent 5 years playing football in a school better known for their academics. He wasn't ever a me me me kind of player. He let things come to him week by week. Never putting it all on him, allowing teammates and coaches to do their jobs too. Now however, he takes game over.
  8. Titanic_Sub

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    Locker kind of reminds me of Ryan attitude wise now that you bring it up.
  9. Fry

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    Locker is definitely a right-handed Mark Brunell.
  10. 24

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    He's like Favre, no question. Below 60%, strong arm, country attitude, tough as hell.
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