Jason Jones.

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    Yup yup, very correct. Coaches even said so themselves, we have a lot of good players at DT, but they are very similar.

    They want to get one of those bigger guys (320 or 330 pound) to put beside Casey/Mike (shorter 300 pound guys) to help clog that middle a bit.

    On obvious passing downs though, I already think we have enough with DM/Ayers/Klug/ and Casey/Martin. I'd take him for cheap though, I really thought he was underrated.

    However, the SEA D was insane this year, and the fact he played like 0% in that worries me....
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    If Klug steps up maybe he could do some damage alongside him on passing downs.

    I loved J Jones while he was here. Not too worried about this signing either way. Would love to have him back just for nostalgia though.