Jones Facing Felony Charge in Georgia

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Gunny, Mar 1, 2007.

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    Bye Bye punkman. We'll miss your "on the field" talent, but not your attitude.

    Does anyone know, once a person is a convicted felon, can they play in the NFL? Of course, after serving the time...

    Fighting with the Po Po, anyone still feel sorry for him?

    I would find it hard to believe that they could.
  2. Riverman

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    My take on this story:

    Fayetteville cops had wood to bust Pac- got a warrant- searched his house and found what they were looking for. He arrived to his house- smoked up with cops there. He ran inside to get the dope off his person- cops chased him and strong-armed him inside the house. It really doesn't sound like resisting arrest- I'd have to see the report. The cops nonetheless wrote it up that way. They never found dope on Pac, just on his buddy and inside his house.

    The possession charge was dropped on Pac cause they only found it in his house- not on his person. The cop was furious 'cause he has a real desire to bust Pac- so he kept the "obstruction felony". This charge will stick 'cause there were several other policemen to verify the events per the report.

    Pac is done in TN. Probably in the NFL as well. There is a huge public swell to hang this guy. Too bad- tremendous waste of talent. IMO, he has doesn't anything that 10-20% of NFL does anyway. Maybe that's why they want to clean it up. Pac will be their poster boy.
  3. RollTide

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    Vigsted's nonsense...

    How in the hell does vigsted know that the vegas thing is crap? Blowing that incident off as crap is worse than saying the guy deserves to be put away. We don't know everything yet!There is plenty of information about vegas to make anyone deeply concerned.

    One of the defenses of pacman in the vegas matter is that he hasn't yet been arrested. Well now he was arrested for something else a full year after the fact. And fighting with the police and obstructing justice is not a small matter..

    This is the 4th time he has been arrested and it is his 5th major incident in just 2 years. Is it starting to sink in now? Something is wrong with this guy. It's not a race issue, it's not a sociological issue. It is a pacman behaving badly issue.
  4. RollTide

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    So pacman is a victim then? It's an anti pacman conspiracy? If he only does what other players do then why is he the one getting in all the trouble and not most of those other guys?

    Personally i could care less if he wants to light up in his home in his spare time. It's how he reacts to things that is the problem.

    The cops saw what they thought was a crime, tried to apprehend and question a SUSPECT, he was only a suspect and he ran away and resisted. The cops have the right to catch and hold people they suspect have committed a crime. Don't they?

    And what is this garbage about them "strong arming" him? How in the hell would you know? Did pacman file brutality charges?

    Why not take the information we do have and leave it at that? Why do the pacman apologists have to assume things they know nothing about?
  5. dg1979us

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    Your story about the cops is a pretty big leap. But you are right, he probably hasnt done anything worse than a lot of other players (with the possible exception of the Vegas ordeal), but he does it far more frequently. Other than possibly Chris Henry, what other player has had these types of run ins at the pace that Pac has them?
  6. Riverman

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    RT- why do you question me about statements or issues I never made? I've noted this logic fault in many of your posts.

    I don't think Pac is a victim at all. I believe he must be held accountable for his actions- like everybody. I think the police were acting in accordance with the law and their enforcement protocols. But I think that after reading the quotes from the officer about the charges being dropped, it appears the guy had a vendetta to get Pac.

    Ummm- I don't know anything. Admittedly, I haven't read the report. But in my posting defense- I prefaced the post with "My take on this...." I think most would realize this is the same as IMO.

    Read a little deeper. Think a little longer. I've never "apologized" for any of Pac's behavior nor I have excused him from accoutability. I certainly haven't "assumed" anything. My post was speculative.

    In regards to my opinion of Pac- he is an incredible talent. His emotional make-up makes him an even better player. He helped us win many games on the field. His presence will be missed on the field, not off. He is a distraction. He is self-destructive. I hope he changes. I hope by some miracle, he stays on the team and converts to more "normal" social behavior. Not gonna happen. The political forces need a pound of flesh, a poster boy and Pac's defiant attitude, his history of "transgressions", and his VERY POOR decision making will allow them to do it. Yes- he did it to himself.

    I have sympathy (not apologies or excuses) for Pac. I don't have hate or a strong need for self-affirmation by seeing another man go down which I believe many posters on this forum have.
  7. Ewker

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    can we say groupie :clown:
  8. PhiSlammaJamma

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    At least there are no skeletons in his closet, he just flings them out there for everyone to see. Then again...there may be actual skeletons in his closet.
  9. TNThunder

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  10. Riverman

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    I agree it's a leap. I just Pac running to flush dope or hide it under the bed and the cops trying to keep him (catch up to him) to prevent it from happening. I don't see Pac throwing the "first punch".
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