JRob Overrated?

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    Caldwell has been in Jax since 2013 and they have been named "off season champs" for a couple of seasons, without any success in the regular season. Their best record in that period is 5-11. And they still don't have a QB.

    The Chiefs current GM was promoted in July 2017, prior to him was John Dorsey, who was fired.
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    Jax is starting to look like the team loaded with early first round picks, and are now even scarier to me after acquiring Marcels Dareus. Why did Dorsey get let go? The whole drafting Mahomes thing? He and Reid seemed to have put together a great team, with defensive standouts and steals like Kareem Hunt and Tyreek Hill.
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    They are loaded with first round talent because they have sucked ever since he arrived.
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    1st round picks by teams since 2013 (that's when both Caldwell and Dorsey started), with sel #. Notice Jags has been drafting in top 5 every year:

    #2 Luke Joeckel
    #3 Blake Bortles
    #3 Dante Fowler
    #5 Jalen Ramsey
    #4 Leonard Fournette

    #1 Eric Fisher
    #23 Dee Ford
    #18 Marcus Peters
    #10 Patrick Mahomes

    #10 Chance Warmack
    #11 Taylor Lewan
    #2 Marcus Mariota
    #8 Jack Conklin
    #5 Corey Davis
    #18 Adoree' Jackson

    Despite changing GMs a couple of times, the Titans 1. round draft is (at least) on pair with Jags and Chiefs.
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    Which proves, once again, first-round talent is far from a sure thing — even for a GM who has picked in the top 5 most of the last five seasons.
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    JRob has been solid with 1-2, but he has better late round picks than almost any other GM else in the NFL. i'd put my money on from rounds 3-7 we have the most capable players.

    Taywan, Byard, Tajae, Jayon, Leshaun, Jonnu, and Kalan Reed has been promising as 7th rounder. thats 7/12 when most other teams only keep around 3 late round picks.
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    He seems like a splash, big-name GM to me- he gets everyone he can in FA, and basically looks at some scouting website for reference as to who to select on draft day. And he overpays everyone deserving of a contract. Not that it is a bad strategy, but it makes me wonder if he really has a vision or if he's just playing real-world Madden.

    From his selections, I think Robinson carefully considers the character of the players, and looks at the bigger picture as opposed to making the sexiest pick available. People claim they are a QB away, yet Caldwell is the one responsible for the poor QB situation as he selected the awful Bortles in an immensely talented draft. People complain about the Dodd miss, the Jaguars could have had freaking Khalil Mack instead of Bortles.

    But, the Jaguars roster is much better than it was when Mularkey was the HC there. Realistically, I believe they must have a QB capable of taking them to the SB by 2020. After that, Ramsey will get paid, Campbell will be old ( if not sooner), and quite a few of their other solid players will finally be on the payroll. It will be a full-on Seahawks situation with the cap afterwards. Let's hope they don't get too smart.
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