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  1. xpmar9x

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    You can't teach size and speed, he's got that.
    He's got talent.
    He's just soft, a lot of rookies come into the league soft. That's when vets like Bernard Pollard, Nate Washington, and WR Coach Shawn Jefferson are working on. They're toughing up Wright & Hunter.

    I still think we'll regret not taking Tank Carradine & trading our 2nd & '14 3rd for Hunter. Hopefully i'm wrong.
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    Hunter may come around if someone can get
    him the ball, we have all these recievers and
    I don't know if the problem is the QB or the game
    plan. If we are going to be a running team we shouldn't
    be moving up to draft recievers,we need to strengthen
    the D. Our team is still unsure of its identity and
    and hopefully they can clear that up and move
    forward with direction and purpose.
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    Bro, we haven't seen the game plans yet. You don't run regular season stuff in the preseason. You play vanilla on both sides of the ball. For any of you who didn't know that, it's absolutely true.
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    I'm not worried about him as a player.

    I am worried about his opportunities. He might be the 6th or 7th receiver.
  5. Smash

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    It's the perfect scam. Tell everyone we'll be a run-first offense, sign a big back, sneak in a WR talent "that was too good to pass", run-run-suck-in-pass-game in preseason games and then, week 1, BOOOM! The greatest show on grass. No miracles, just pure passing fireworks.

    So far it's working. The only thing Locker can do is check downs and our WRs can catch sh*te. We'll see what happens week 1.
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  6. pepsidriver24

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    I agree, because they have been working on no-huddle offense and read-option in camp, and we saw none of that in the game last night. Clearly they are waiting to unleash the full book.

    Locker hardly did any roll-outs last night, and that is what they changed the whole offensive scheme for him to do that more often.
  7. xpmar9x

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    Bingo! Exactly why pre-season means NOTHING.
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    You want to see more mental toughness from Hunter but, right now, I give him a pass on a lot of this because his head is spinning. He's learning to run routes properly and work on timing. At this point, it's job #1. We need to remember that we're only two weeks into training camp.

    I suspect the Titans will find a small block of routes for Hunter early in the season so he can gain some confidence and they can plug him into certain packages. They'll continue to build on it as he develops. It's way too early to call the guy a bust when it's pretty common for rookie WRs to take time before they begin to produce.
  9. Tennessy XO

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    Hunter is a guy that is supposed to take the top off the defense.

    It is hard for him to play that role if we never try to get the ball down field.

    Our WR group is crowded right now. He will come on as the year goes along or next year when we have a competent QB.


    I wasn't even thinking about Hunter to be honest. All of the sudden I see a flash of a jersey, was that Hunter? (I said quietly to myself) I was surprised only by the fact he was in with the 3's, 4's, and 5's, the people who have no CHANCE of making this team. It was almost like they are intentionally keeping him low key. I don't think he starts day one, but perhaps they have a play designed for his coming out party. You know, Hunter, a guy never seen shows up lined up outside. Fake to CJ to the left, low and behold, toss across the middle to a wide open, forgotten about Hunter. Hey, I can hope, cant I?