Mike Munchak not ranked 32nd (Yay)

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by JCBRAVE, Jul 17, 2013.

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    The only reason the lions are relevent is because of Megatron.. and that hasn't even translated into wins. Schwartz hasn't done jack for them. Since Schwartz has taken over they have gone 2-14, 6-10, 10-6, 4-12 ... He has had one decent season and 3 miserable ones. I honestly think this will be his last year in Det
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    "Fisher is 149-128-1 in his career as a head coach. That's impressive."

    I really don't get how that's impressive, 21 more wins than losses...woo
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    It's impressive because of the ordeal regarding Houston moving to Nashville through Memphis and Vanderbilt. And because winning with longevity.

    I mean it's not that impressive I agree.

    Munch is where he should be. Playoffs or bye bye.

    Anyone buying Fisher in St Louis (besides DBC)? I'm not at all from what I see. Schwartz overall record is terrible also. Just stating facts here.
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    Fisher's record is not at all impressive. It's laughable to try to make it out to be such.

    Munch is about where he should be given all the newcomer HCs who have no reason to be ranked above him at this point. Basically this list has him as the 3rd worst non-rookie HC, above only Rivera and Allen. That's fair IMO. Make or break year for ole Munch. Either way, I'll just be happy to find out what the heck we have in the guy. Feel the same way about Locker.
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    Yeah I guess strictly his record isn't impressive.

    Most coaches wouldn't survive or want Fishers first few years as HC as the team transitioned location. He not only did but had the team as one of the best NFL teams 4 of the first 5 years they started in Nashville.

    Everything since then was bad. But he is ranked correctly based on the "rules" they used which meant future projection means nothing.
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    His overall record, playoff record, record without QB named Vince or Steve, number of 6-loss-streaks that have occurred under his watch, and number of actual seasons with winning records all suggest he is extremely mediocre, if that, as a coach.
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    Those years are where he built his rep. He fell ass backwards into the head coaching job when Jack Pardee and Kevin Gillbride were canned. Think the team gets little attention now? It was much worse back then. Those last couple years in Houston then that disaster of a year in Memphis. Bud bungled the move bad but Fisher at least kept the team average. And built a solid foundation that allowed the era of the Titans to start with a bang.

    Can he do the same in St. Louis? Well, he should be able to. Time will tell.
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    Dat beez one dummb listz.. Sum dem coachez aints even coach yet and dey beez ranked!!!!!!
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    He's definitely mediocre or slightly above that. Most coaches go out of the league with losing percentages.
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    You realize that there are only two coaches below munch that actually coached last year. Rivera and Allen. That's pretty sad. The rest are entering their 1st year as head coaches. So pretty much what this is saying is Munch is the 3rd worst coach that is still coaching from last year. That's not very good.