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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Clayriddick, Dec 26, 2012.

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    I am not a fan of going crazy in free agency. Last year, even though we didn't end up with real great players, was the way to do it.

    2-3 guys that fill some needs and don't break the bank. I'd like to see us get a safety, center and maybe a guard if we are able to. The rest can come from the draft.
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    We need a free agency like the Texans had last year. Wade Phillips, Johnathan Joseph, Daniel Manning. Those guys weren't cheap or easy to attain, but they had to, and they were willing to spend the money to transform an historically bad defense. I know of another team that needs to transform an historically bad defense. If they don't think those guys are out there in free agency, fine. But if they are, they can't sit on their hands. The pressure will be on next year, win or else, and I think they know this.
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    I don't think they should go crazy but they need a big name guy for sure. What would Mario Williams have done for this team?
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    Here's a cute little stat for everyone.

    Colts are in the playoffs...
    Seahawks are in the playoffs...
    Redskins win tonight against the cowboys also puts them in...

    Luck, Wilson and RG3 all make the post season in their ****ing rookie seasons??!!

    Locker huh...
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    Also, what do you mean by not breaking the bank? We have to spend the money. Do you want them to dump all of it on our garbage players again? Last year was the way NOT to do it. that's part of the reason why we're in the position we are now.
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    Do you think this coaching staff would have any of those 3 QBs in the playoffs this year?
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    Yea I keep forgetting that new part of the CBA.
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    Considering the new rookie wage scale, and what we've seen from Locker so far, I don't think he would be forced on a new HC and/or FO. At least I would hope not. That's always the problem with our so-called "rebuilds". They're never true start from scratch situations.

    The first "rebuild" was a product of us being forced to blow up the roster due to cap. The second "rebuild" (<-:rolleyes:) was a situation where we got rid of a terrible QB and a burned out head coach who had let the game pass him by. And what do we do? Draft a new QB who is eerily similar to the one we just got rid of (on the field at least) and elevate one of the old coach's cronies, a god d*&# position coach at that, to top dog.

    The first situation I suppose can legitimately be called a "rebuild". The second, most certainly cannot. In fact, this idiot front office constantly insisted that we were not rebuilding.

    Oh well. I'm not expecting Munchak to be fired at this point. And I'm expecting more of the same next year. Yaaaaaaaaay. The life of a Titan fan.
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    Well Locker was on the bench his rookie year. Soooooo......

    Those teams have a system in place for their young QBs. We have nothing in place for Jake. He has been on his own out there. We have possibly the worst coaches in the league. One of the all time worst defenses in the NFL. The worst O line I have ever seen. Our team is a complete train wreck! How anyone can definitively say that Locker is a bust is beyond me.

    I'm not saying that he has played well, but who would in his position? Locker is raw. He needs to be developed. He's not as polished as those other guys. There are different types of QBs. Ones that start strong and fade off, ones that start strong and stay that way (the ideal scenario), and the ones that struggle at first but build upon that each year and progress into a starting caliber QB. Also, there are flat out busts like Gabbert. I'm hoping that locker is one of those that starts out slow and progresses, like Manning. Locker has what it takes, I've seen it. He just needs to be coached and refined. He has footwork and mechanical issues that need to be addressed. There is no doubt in my mind though that if we had a solid OL and decent coaching, we would not be discussing Locker's future here. Not this early.
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  10. Obie09

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    Locker looked good a few times when he came in as a backup and we were down 20..that's about it.:anon:
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