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    So I've been trying to get into MMA lately. Always was a boxing guy and never really gave MMA much of a chance. But I'm finally tired of waiting on boxing to "come back around". So for all you fans out there, what are some fights that are "must-see" that I should start with? Like if you had to recommend 3-5 fights to someone you were trying to get into the sport what would they be?
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    Dominic cruz! Jk he's all i kno besides silva cuz he was my h.s. wrestling coach
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    Just watch the technical guys who know what they are doing. It doesn't matter what that is, as long as they are skilled at it.

    I used to watch UFC a lot. But damn, it seems like anyone not on the main card these days is really good at keeping their hands down and not getting knocked out quickly. That is their most redeeming quality.

    As for good fighters... GSP, Anderson Silva, BJ Penn. All good stuff. Hell, you want to be mind blown, watch Royce Gracie.

    Anyway, I don't "do MMA", but I have sparred guys who fight professionally(MMA), and they are garbage. I would venture to say that almost all of their buddies in the UFC are also garbage.

    I just hate that they want to turn it into some street fight brawling nonsense. In other words, the opposite of every traditional martial art out there.
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    you talking about upcomming or old school

    if old school IMO Liddell vs Ortiz fights were pretty real good. Crap like that is why I enjoy MMA

    I dont do the pay per views. I want to watch every now and then and I DVR a few fights. They might be a few months old but they are new to me - lol
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    Old, new, whatever. If you were going to pick fights that exemplify the sport at it's very best. That's what I'm looking for.
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    Liddell vs Ortiz

    genuine bad blood

    Ortiz is one of those guys that you will either love or hate, and most people hate him - lol
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    Yet you would sooner piss your pants than show either of those guys that picture.
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    I would sadly say you are jumping on the bandwagon maybe too late. Only because Dana and UFC have done exactly what they criticized boxing for and that's dilute the cards. I used to be excited to see 4/5 fights on a PPV but now it's basically 1 maybe 2 fights if you are lucky and then it's horse jockey, women, or nobody fights.

    Still, the main events are good. Fights I really want to see coming up:

    August 16th Fight Night (Fox Sports 1):
    Ryan Bader vs. Ovince St. Preux - Light Heavyweight Fight. Ovince will come out in Vols gear. Bader was a former top contender. Should be good.

    Gray Maynard vs. Ross Pearson - Lightweight Fight. Maynard used to be great, coming off of 2 losses. 2 veterans fighting for the 1st time.

    August 23rd Fight Night (Fox Sports 1 early/ in China):
    Michael Bisping vs Cung Le - Middleweight Fight. 2 former name guys. 2 veterans that haven't fought each other.

    August 23rd Fight Night (Fox Sports 1 late/ in Murica):
    Benson Henderson vs Rafael dos Anjos - Lightweight Fight. Benson is a former champion that is fun to watch. This is a top contender type fight, probably either would have to win 1 more to get a title shot but still a marquee match.

    August 30th UFC 177 (PPV):
    No chance I would buy this. But the two top fights are the Horse Jockey weight class championships, and they will be entertaining.

    September 5th UFC Fight Night (Fox Sports 1):
    Ronald Souza vs Gregard Mousasi - Middleweight Fight. These are 2 badasses with lots of fight in line for a title opportunity. Mousasi beat Souza back in 2008 in Pride Fighting (different organization), one of only 3 losses for Souza (he has 20 wins).

    Alistair Overreem vs Ben Rothwell - Heavyweight Fight. Overeem has beaten Lesnar. Lost two of late due to weak chin, known former roider, pretty well respected heavyweight but almost could get cut by UFC at this point. Rothwell is like a gatekeeper Hvy with possible KO punching.

    Matt Meathead Mitrione vs. Derrick Lewis - Heavyweight Fight. This could suck but Meathead will go for KOs and Lewis is an up and comer in the Hvy division. Meathead is a former NFL player as well, some scrub lineman.

    September 13th UFC Fight Night:
    Antonio BigFoot Silva vs. Andre Arlovski - Heavyweight Fight. BigFoot suffers from gigantism where he has enormous head. He is slow and powerful. Arlovski is a former UFC Champion and Pride Champion and has tons of fights, but he is pretty much already braindamaged. Arlovski has lost to Silva before in Strikeforce (another org).

    September 20th UFC Fight Night:
    Mark Hunt vs Roy Nelson - Heavyweight Fight. Nelson won the reality show and is a big nemesis of UFC president Dana, because Nelson is big and fat with a Mullett. Hunt is a squatty islander who is coming of a title shot loss. Nelson is a longtime veteran trying to get his UFC title shot.

    September 27th UFC 178:
    Daniel Cormier vs Jon Bones Jones - LightHeavyweight Title Fight. Fight of the year potential. Jones only loss is a DQ against him which was bogus. Cormier is undefeated and older. They fought at a press conference recently. Jones arguably greatest MMA fighter of all time.

    October 25th UFC 179:
    Glover Texeira vs Phil Davis- Lightheavyweight Fight. The main event is a horse jockey championship that should pretty good as well. Texeira is a beast, coming off a loss to Bones Jones. Phil has two losses, one to a former champion (it was a championship fight) and is coming of a fight to a respectable fighter. These are top Lghthvys.

    Those are the fights I'm truly excited about that have been announced and dated. There are some other fights that interest me but just not enough for me to list here. I'm sure a few more exciting fights will get dates before the year is over.
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    Whatever. I'm 5'9" 150. Either of them lay a hand on me and I'm one rich mother****er. Gladly take an ass kicking for that.