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    his eyes were different
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    Ahh for us in the UK I fail to hear Tell Tale Heart all that often, perhaps it's different in the US
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    Much to my dismay, this is true in the entire entertainment industry and always has been.

    One of the things I rant about is the homogeny of classic rock and the need for bar bands to perpetuate it. While some would defend the artists as being the best of the best for the time and super-awesome innovators, a bit of study will clearly show that it's a small group of people all controlling the industry and everyone you've heard was a friend of a friend of Rock Star/ Manager X. Nearly everything that came out of England's pop/rock scene after 1965 is one or two degrees from The Who, The Kinks and the Rolling Stones....and, to a LESSER degree, The Beatles.

    The same is/was certainly true of Nashville, Motown, and LA, with Nashville being the worst offender. There is nothing more plastic, processed and pre-packaged than a country "artist" but the demographic that enjoys it is stupid enough to believe when the "artist" reads his pre-written scripts about his "roots" and "family" and personal integrity....all while criticizing pop for being artificial (note: Lady Gaga and Katy Perry can write music). While I personally do not care for Shania twain or her excessively processed music, one could at least revere her for being the first country "artist" plowed through the Machine and overpowering the Nashville mob bosses.... those guys were so sheltered and secure in their bunker that they had no idea who Mutt Lange was. Their attempts to shut Twain out exposed just exactly who they are.

    Hollywood is certainly the same way. One could argue that this is all necessary to keep from having to weed through all the delusional clowns beating on the door to Stardom (and that would indeed be a valid point) but it's hardly a recipe for creative progress. Thankfully modern tech has evolved in such a way that "Indie" has become a legit and bona fide genre of it's own, both in the music and film worlds.
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    I have not seen The Hobbit. And as someone who's childhood and adolescence was based around Tolkien, I don't care to.

    Jackson's LOTR was epic. Loved it. All of it. Even forgave the omittance of the Scouring of the Shire. 3 books, 3 movies, makes perfect sense.

    The Hobbit: 1 book, 3 movies?...makes no sense. Peter Jackson is not Tolkien and should not try to be by writing his own story lines into it. At the end of it all he'll get credit for making a good film.... much like Stanley Kubrick who "made a great film" (allegedly) with the Shining, but I friggin HATED his re-writing of the story.
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    It's really 1 book and a bridge.

    Even so, 1 book into 2 movies (the other 3rd of the movie is really all about bridging the Hobbit and LOTRs) is a fair deal. Harry Potter did it for the final book and the complaint most people have when books are made into movies is that it wasn't faithful. But it's not easy to be faithful when you only have 2 hours (or 3 in this case).

    Granted, there are parts of the Hobbit that isn't faithful, going from memory.

    I think the bridging is a great idea (and Jackson has gotten some ideas from source material), it helps for those who do not know the Tolkien world and in the second Hobbit, the Necromancer aspect is interesting imo.
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    2 Guns was alright. 6/10

    Get to see Paula Patton naked which is worth the price of the Blu - ray alone.
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    Prisoners 10/10

    Watch it if you haven't seen it.
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    One of the best of the year easy.
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    Grown Ups 2 It was stupid.
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