Munchak Appears Safe

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Sonic28, Dec 30, 2012.

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    I agree. It's clearly pure speculation on Climer's part. It's what Climer thinks might be going on inside Bud's head. He may be right. But I'm certainly not going to treat it as gospel.

    And if Bud really does decide to "hope against hope that the current staff can win a Super Bowl" due to his age, then he's an even worse owner than I thought. He should do what's right by the team and the fans first and foremost.

    IMO it's clear that Munchak is in way over his head. I'm going to be majorly bummed if he returns in 2013.
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    Could not agree more. Especially on the defensive side of the ball. Griff should be a good leader with what he is making and at this point in his career. But he is not. We need someone who can stand up there. Maybe a good SS or MLB in free agency.
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    Never once rooted against the Titans but today if getting blown out gets a new staff then i don't know how to feel....
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    It wouldn't surprise me for Bud to keep things as is. 90 year olds just don't have it in them to "start over" again. It means he would have to see to most things himself. I don't fault him for this except I wish he'd just give the franchise to his grandson he COULD approach the situation with some vigor.

    I think it is a HUGE mistake to keep Reinfeldt and Webster. They have little to no vision on how to shape a competitive team. Webster is OK on individual picks, but he lacks a vision on how to build a team. No way should we have picked KW over DeCastro.

    The OL management alone should have Reinfeldt, Webster and Munchak fired. The Griffin and Amano extensions were all on MR and RW. It almost makes me wonder if they were holding a spot for Jake Matthews or at least angling to have him on the team. Crazy thoughts I realize- but I am completely perplexed with the management and direction of this franchise.
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    In all fairness to Munchack he was set up for failure. As a new Head Coach who had never even been a coordinator he needed to have strong coordinators around him. Especially given the fact that he had very green coaches at WR, OL, QB, DL and DB.
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    Well. Thanks for the good words on Bud. To read all these posts, one would think that Bud was the devil incarnate, or has been senile for the last 30 years, or is stingy to a fault, or won't look past his nose to hire quality help and players, etc, etc. I suppose if the fans were fans of other teams, they would likely be condemning those owners also every time the team lost.
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    How do we know he hasn't already given a lot of the decision making to his grandson? Just because he's lowering the boom on the coaches, etc, doesn't mean he is making all the decisions. I would bet he talks about things to his g-son all the time. It's not like he's just going to up and die without some transitioning.
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    One of the oldest franchises out there....0 meaning old championships since the merger. That is not a sign of quality ownership, in the 40 or so years since the merger.
    You'd think he would have dumb lucked his way into one at some point.

    One Super Bowl VISIT in that span is epically pathetic as well. Panthers matched that in about 10-15 years of existence. Even the old worthless browns franchise (ravens) snagged themselves a Super Bowl.
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    I really really hope this is speculation. There's no way in hell Bud can look at this teams staff and see anything positive. If his age is a factor fine, hire someone to rebuild it, do whatever it takes. People keep calling this team mediocre. Mediocre would be a huge upgrade. This team is awful and there's no way around that. I see some good talent and no results. I've lost all respect for Munch simply because he hasn't stepped down. He's got no clue what he's doing and it should be painfully obvious to see that by anyone that's watched this team for 10 minutes this year.

    I'm sure I'm not alone on this but I spend a lot of money on this team year in and year out, my house is basically a Titans museum, I've got well over 20 jerseys, make a trip to Nashville once a year and travel to see them play west coast teams. As a huge fan of this team, all it says to me by keeping Munch is its ok to be awful and should be unnacceptable by any fans standards. I hope that Bud knows what he stands to lose by not making a change. Sure I'm only one fan but I'm willing to bet there's more fans like me that won't be dropping another dime on this team until the right thing is done.

    To all you guys going to LP today, do me a huge favor...when this team stinks it up and Munch stands there on the verge of tears, boo, start the fire Munch chants, do whatever. You are our voice out there today! Ok, end rant.
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    That's ridiculous Amy. We could just as easily say "how do we know he hasn't hired special consultants to come turn the team around." We only know what is released through the media. I'm certain Bud knows about fan displeasure with the status quo and it would be in his and his heir apparent's best interest to put out a positive word regarding change. When has Bud ever deferred to his grandson with a public statement?