National Signing Day 2013

Discussion in 'Other Sports' started by Tennessy XO, Feb 6, 2013.

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    Yet it is still rainbows in unicorns in Knoxville. Fans and media continue to make excuses for the guy. Usually the same people who kept supporting Dooley for three years.

    People don't get it. CFB is becoming something different and UT is being left behind.

    That is fine though. I'm an alum and they will always have my support as a university but I'm about over the athletic department. My wallet will wake up when they show that they are ready to become an elite program again. Until then I'll send the money I'd usually spend on tickets and merchandise and send it to the English department or something.

    I'd rather watch the Titans get hammered and spend my money in Nashville.
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    National signing day; the day every college football fan goes crazy over 18 year old kids who they've never seen play a single snap. Think about this, you're getting your panties in a bunch over a kid who was playing against high school players where 98% of them were like the idiots you went to high school with.

    With that said, there is DEFINITELY some illegal recruiting going on at Ole Miss. No way in hell does a guy like Austin Golson, an FSU commit for over two years, all of a sudden flip a week before signing day.

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    I think you are going a bit overboard.

    There are 6 SEC teams that vastly outperformed us and we stayed in line with the rest.

    Everyone freaking out over Auburn's class needs to remember their coach was actually with Auburn not long ago and had a hand in recruiting some of these signees.

    If we don't do better next recruiting season then there may be concern. But I really only see that happening if we have a losing record and then yes there is real reason for concern. But damn, at least let CBJ coach a game before damning him lol.
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    It was a dumb hire.

    I'm afraid the program has been set back even further.

    My biggest fear, worse than him turning out to be a turd, is that he is actually above average. He manages to grind out 8 or 9 wins in years 3 and 4 and he gets an extension. Never wins a championship but never does enough to get fired and we become Georgia Version 2.0

    Then you never get back to where you need to be but honestly I believe 75% of Tennessee fans would be just fine winning 9 games and going to the Peach bowl ever year. Maybe beating Alabama or Florida once every 5 years or so.

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    we have a Chipotle so screw you
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    Everyone has Chipotle

    Genghis Grill is where it is at.
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    Starkville might be the worst college town in the history of college towns. I mean I'm sure there is worse but to be a somewhat major school it's miserable there.
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    They have a mellow mushroom
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    Hokies #16 according to ESPN...not bad...#BEATBAMA
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    Fulmer was a good recruiter but ended up with several prima-donnas ready to go to the draft their freshman year. Recruiting is important but not the end game.
    I was told by a university coach that it's not where you start but where you end up.