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    Anybody else own this game? Anybody export your draft class to your Madden 12? Seems like a cool idea.

    The college game is more addictive in dynasty mode than Madden is in franchise because you have a turnover of about 15-20 players every year. Recruiting is done every week and rather time consuming but fun.

    The online play is limited in that there are basically only 2-3 teams you can play with to have a chance to win. Bama is sick, based on the 2011 team and only a couple of teams can really compete. So you either have to be Bama or you are playing against them. Much of the time both teams are Bama.
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    I stopped getting Madden years ago and only get NCAA now. Have converted most of my friends too.
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    Madden 13 destroys NCAA.

    NCAA uses the old crap next gen animations and physics.

    NCAA 14 should be what Madden 13 was this year... hopefully. NCAA 13 was the worst.
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    Dynasty mode
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    NCAA dynasty mode is really fun once the team is totally yours after a few seasons. My Bama team was based on the 2011 Bama team of course and already had the best players. Once i started winning titles with a team entirely recruited by me it really became fun.

    Another advantage you have with NCAA is you have more control how you model your team. You can change positions and move guys around. I use blocking TEs as my guards. I recruit 260 lb "blocking" TEs, change them to guard as freshman and red shirt them right off. In a couple of years the guy will weigh 280 and have a 85 rating for that position and his 78 speed will be handy for pulling plays. The really big O-linemen play center and tackle for me.

    You can really mix defensive players moving larger safeties to linebacker or more physical CBs "hard hitting) to safety. I have a 6'2 195 lb guy now who was recruited as a CB, moved to SS where he has a 94 rating but he has a 92 rating as a CB. His speed is 98. Handy eh?

    Most of my DBs are CBs from the beginning.

    A large 280 lb DE can be converted to DT where he will gain weight and get stronger. An athletic smaller DT can be moved to to De though that is rare. Even 260 lb DT prospects are slow.

    I use a faster 4-2-5 defense and a bigger 3-3-5 defense so i can recruit guys for both.

    On offense i have 2 Qbs a guy who can run the option and a drop back guy. I like to have 2 RBs a really fast guy and a really big guy. That's the fun of it.
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    I had no idea that players gained weight, I will have to look at that.