Rumor NFL To Lighten Up on Marijuana Use

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by The Hammer, May 14, 2014.

  1. Tennessy XO

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    Chattanooga has better internet than anyone in the southeast.

    I imagine the weed is good.

    A couple tourist traps. I seen Rock City.

    Couple breweries.

    Nice bar scene.

    Secretly ghetto as **** sometimes.

    Fewer college fags than Knoxville.

    Less likely to get murdered than in Knoxville but more likely than Memphis. Go figure.

    Close to Nashville, Knoxville and Atlanta.

    An alright city.
  2. Alzarius

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    The problem with pot, as usual, is humans.

    Some people can go to college stoned every day, and graduate with Honors.

    Others cannot go into WalMart without making a fool of themselves.

    Friday night? At home with some buddies? Light up

    Before heading to work? No, dont.

    Not a hard distinction, you would think.
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  3. Alzarius

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    I call BS

    But sending you a PM with my address and UPS shipping label just in case.
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  4. Tennessy XO

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    Don't do it lol.

    I know a guy who had weed shipped to him from Cali to Alabama by US Mail.

    It was vacuum sealed and wrapped with magazines and coffee grounds.

    So his buddy in Cali said...

    Any way. He ships it to his house under a false name.

    He is sitting at home playing games and the doorbell rang.

    He goes to the door and opens it.

    Nobody is there but the package is.

    He gets super paranoid.

    No Postal truck outside but a black crown vic is driving away up the street.

    He gets really paranoid.

    Calls me. I tell him not to touch it and shut the door.

    Box sits there until the next day.

    It tell him to pick it up and we take it to the closest Post Office.

    Turn it in as suspicious. Not his name on the box. Never opened.

    They try to deliver it again.

    Take it back to the Post Office again.

    Postal inspector shows up at his house multiple times and calls him threatening to charge him.

    Ignores threats. Box never shows up again.

    I made this **** up. It didn't happen. I just wanted to write something. I just imagine ordering weed online is a bad idea.

    I have a real friend that works at the Post Office. She says they find stuff a lot and people do get charged. Usually the sender though if they can track it.
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  5. TitansWrath

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    My brother used to order shrooms from Russia by mail.
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  6. Tennessy XO

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    In Mother Russia shrooms order you.
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  8. Dee

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    I would think it would be harder to find the person sending it then receiving.
  9. Dee

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    And btw I would never ship anything illegal.
  10. nickmsmith

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    The Post office can't get their heads out of their asses long enough to get a piece of mail from one end of a smallish city in Indiana, to about a mile and a half away, without losing it. I can confirm this. I found this out the hard way, when I got late fees on my first car payment, because they magically never received the paperwork and voided check.

    I don't think they're capable of orchestrating anything but bankruptcy. They were more reliable when they rode horseback, or by train.

    The mailman I know has 3 DUIs on his record, and makes about 65 grand per year.

    Sounds like a career I need to sign up for.