Osi Umenyiora.

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    With that said, I'm not convinced he will bring anything as a pass rusher, and he will probably be a better fit on the inside. Regardless, I think we will be looking more for DE depth than for another starter.
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    I don't want Osi but I wouldn't count on Douzable for anything more than depth. With that said the staff seems okay going with Wimbley and Morgan and have Ball and Douzable as part of the rotation.

    It doesn't make any sense to trade for Osi when we don't have the luxury to add him yet. Yes adding him would make us playoff contenders but this is a move you make to become super bowl contenders. We're going with a youth movement, which is why I think Locker starts, and we need to see what we have on this team until we start adding more pieces.
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    1 sack and 38 tackles.

    Granted it does not tell the whole story.
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    I think Munchak and Gray are really high on Egboh. I think he will have a great offseason and make the final roster and be good depth this year
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    LOL can't tell if Leger and Solomon thing is sarcasm or seriousness.
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    Who needs Osi when we got Solomon Scott...Yeah baby! lets go Titans!!!!
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    I do want to see what the kid can bring.
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    Yeah i actually read that article, some good points are made.

    I dont see it as being his fault. Teams lie, players lie, everyone lies really.....whats new?

    Here are some highlights:

    Heres the reason why i am on his side:

    1 - the team lied to him, told him they'd redo his deal and never did.

    2 - he is deserving of money, and compares himself to people who are of his level (i.e. seeking Mathis/Cole money and not Peppers/Mario).

    3 - he is realistic about the team's needs to sign all those other young guns.

    i don't know about the cap situation, too lazy to look it up. but since he's 30, i'd look at Cole/Mathis deal, make it shorter (maybe 3 years) and offer him something of similar value. I think its fair, and i think the giants would do it too, but i'm guessing they are strapped with regards to the cap, especially when you factor the younger guys in.

    However, Bottom Line: GMs don't like to commit a lot of 'new money' to 30+ year old linemen, and usually for good reason.
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    I agree. Looking at the situation, he doesn't come off as a malcontent to me. However, he was payed a sizable signing bonus. I see both sides of this conflict. Giants feel they got what they already paid for in the last 2 years and OU feels he's worth more than he's getting now. I think that was the idea behind their offering incentives last year which OU turned down.

    I could easily see this getting really ugly and even result in the Giants cutting him if he decides to hold out/lay low in camps this year. If it happens, he'd have a wake up call for his market value. I'm pretty sure teams would bring him in to kick the tires. I don't think we can (should) pay him what I believe his market value would bring in that situation and I don't think he'd come over with a positive attitude in a trade without a "re-worked" contract. I don't see a situation developing that would be feasible for him to wind up here.
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    I'd still pass on Osi. Don't want to pay him major money... as you've seen our FO likes duo-purpose guys, not just pass-rushers. If they wanted pass-rushers only they woulda went after Osi, Freeney, etc. Instead we sign Douzable (solid tackler) & Wimbley (ex-LB). Both are solid vs the run.

    What scares me now tho... we didn't really improve our pass-rush, but our seconday got worse. That's not good.