People who are hating on Vince Youngas our pick

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by whitevick331, May 7, 2006.

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    there is plenty of doubt about it.
  2. SEC 330 BIPOLAR

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    no wonder Bulluck hates Bullock.

    I wouldn't like being called a castrated male cow.
  4. It doesn't matter if your a Titan fan and you hate VY, he's been picked so you gotta support him or else............................
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    or else what?
  6. something bad will happen to all the people of australia....hahaha
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    USCs defense isn't close to being like an NFL team...... their best player(in the Rose Bowl) was Darnell Bing, playing FS, but he'll play LB in the NFL....... you won't be hearing that name anymore.

    What's most impressive about the win, is that Vince was all alone... D. Thomas had a great game, and Limas Sweed is going to be somebody someday... But that day, it was all Vince.

    If Matt Lienart wasn't in this draft, I doubt you'll see so much Vince Hating.. it's not so much about hating on Vince, but it's them trying to force us to accept their idea of a Pro Quarterback... trying to make Lienart look like Peyton Manning... I think that's absurd.... Matt's okay...... and he might have a good career.... I don't see it.

    But IMHO Vince is clearly the best QB in this draft. They say he can't read defenses..... bull, he read the same Defenses everybody else did. He read Ohio States, and beat them. He has more time to survey the D, and react in the shotgun, but it isn't any easier. They say he can't run an offense..... ppssshshh. He ran the University of Texas' offense almost exclusively without a huddle.... checkdowns, audibles..... he did it all in the RoseBowl.

    They say he can't read a progression, because the spread is one read then go......... bull. On every play, that was not a draw or an option, Vince clearly looked at a minimum of two recievers before he was forced out of the pocket, even then, he was able to identify at least one more option, and throw the completion. & when they rushed three(idiots) and dropped 8 into coverage....... he still completed passes for 15....30 yards.

    If I were a Tennessee Titan fan(and I'm not) I'd be making all kinds of noise to get the kid in the game..... you're going to lose some games........ most people are saying you won't win more than four without McNair anyway... but you'll be hard to stop in '07.
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    First of all, hello all. This is my first post. I have been a Titan fan since the moved. The Vince pick has reinvigurated my interest in the team.

    One thing I need to point out. THe world has overrated Matt Leinart. They act as if he's going to be the next Manning. He might be the most ready to play. But he has elbow issues. He throws a good short ball but is somewhat inaccurate over 15 yards. This type of QB is available pretty often. Carr, Harrington, Smith, Manning, Palmer, you get my drift. Tell me the last time a player like Vince was available. And don't say Vick because he isn't even close. You have to take the gamble on Vince if it even is much of a gamble. IF he happens to suck, you'll get another shot at a Leinartlike QB. IMO he will be greatness.
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