PFF 2013 Position Ratings for the Titans

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    Link for the other 31 teams

    They have Tommie Campbell starting, CJ as average, Zach Brown as average and Sensabough starting nickel.

    Disagree all around.
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    Yea. Can't get behind that one as a fan.
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    Where is ATV?
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    Morgan and Casey are one step from being elite :) Whoa!!!
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    How can they leave out ATV? Makes no sense.
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    Here's more like it should be:

    Jake Locker: Below Average - fine. He hasn't proven much yet. I can live with that.
    Chris Johnson: High Quality - I'm sick of CJ getting so much hate.. he may not be ripping off 2K a year but he's better than average. F**k off CJ haters.
    Kenny Britt: Above Average - Hopefully can return to his High Quality past self.
    Kendall Wright is Above Average.
    Roos, and Levitre are both High Quality. Velasco and Stewart are both Above Average.
    Walker shouldn't be rated higher than average since he hasn't played much. I can live with that.

    Casey is High Quality, Wimbley, Morgan and Lee are all Average, sadly.
    Brown is Above Average, Ayers is Average, McCarthy is Above Average (when healthy)
    McCourty is Above Average, Hercules (T. Campbell) is below average, Sensabaugh is below average, ATV is average. Whiffin is Average and Pollard is Above Average.

    Blue Chip: 0
    High Quality: 4
    Above Average: 8
    Average: 7
    Below Average: 2
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    Wright is average right now. He will get better with time, but he has only one average year on his belt.

    Casey doesn't strike me as High Quality. He has has moments, but as of now he is just average.

    McCourty also belongs in the average section too.

    However, I do agree with you on Locker and CJ.
  8. The Hammer

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    And I think Martin could be starting ahead of Hill
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  9. RockyTop Fox

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    I expect Wright to have an above average season.. he made some nice plays as a rookie.

    I love Casey for his size and run stopping ability. He'll never get the sacks or stats like Haynesworth did, but as far as stopping the run, Casey is just like "uh, YOU AIN'T GOING THIS WAY BRA." There is not a team in the NFL that would pass on adding Casey to their D-line simply for his freak ability to stop the run.

    McCourty isn't a great #1 CB, but if you give him a #1 to play alongside, he does a great job on the opposite side of the field. He really shined when we had Finny.

    :rant::rant::rant: As for CJ.. it's become so fashionable and mainstream to hate on CJ now, it pisses me off. Okay, we had a pathetic passing offense last year, so defenses stacked the box all season long. No one was afraid of Locker or Hasslebeck. Our O-line was on crutches all year too. Our defense was even worse, giving up so many points.. by the 3rd quarter we could do nothing but pass in an attempt to get back into the game, which robbed CJ of carries. SO CJ HAD FEWER CARRIES, ELEVEN DIFFERENT STARTING O-LINEMEN, NO DEFENSE, NO PASSING GAME, AND HE STILL RUSHES FOR ABOUT 1,200 YARDS. WHAT MORE DO PEOPLE WANT FROM HIM? I'm not saying he's playing at his elite level from 2009, and yeah he still makes mistakes, but damn.. he's a High Quality player, or at least Above Average. Anyone who thinks CJ sucks is a complete idiot. :rant::rant::rant:
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