Players you don't want drafted at #10

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by edward nigma, Apr 4, 2013.

  1. xpmar9x

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    Doesn't fit our scheme.
  2. RavensShallBurn

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    I'm not so sure about that.

    All mocks seem to think the Jags will take him (even though I think they'd lean more towards Ansah).

    Of course, it is the Jags so that doesn't necessarily mean he's a good scheme fit.
  3. xpmar9x

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    Gus Bradleys 4-3 defense is different than others. He runs a hybrid 4-3 where he has a "LEO" backer, basically plays a 3-4 OLB on the strong side, with a 43 DE on the weak side. WLB & MLB are then in a 3-4 ILB role. Same thing that Bruce Irvin ran last year in this role, something that we should be doing (and kinda are) with Akeem Ayers.
  4. edward nigma

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    He has good catch up speed for a cornerback. The problem is he is always catching up. His technique is very poor (see combine field drills).
  5. J Falk

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    He's 6'6 250 lbs and he played a lot out of a 3 point stance at how again does he not fit our scheme? All he needs is some professional strength training and I think he could be perfect for our scheme actually...He's sooooooooo much better than all other DE's(that could play in a 43) at pass rushing...that's why I want him...Lucky for all of you he probably won't make it past the 4th pick.
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  6. 2ToneBlueBlood

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    Took the words right out of my mouth. The guy is only 5 pounds lighter than Wimbley and is taller.

    I don't get all of the hate for these "undersized" pass rushers like Mingo and Jordan. They would be a definite upgrade over whoever we have out there. Plus, the Titans have said several times that they're going to show more 3-4 looks so that would fit in perfect with their skill set.

    I remember the Titans drafted an "undersized" DE a while back and nobody even knew where he was going to play. He ended up being the best DE we've ever had. The game is moving more towards speed pass rushers. If we got Mingo or Jordan we should all be happy.
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  7. Gut

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    Just say no to...

    Patterson (at pick 10)
    Eric Reid (at pick 10)

    Players with question marks at 10

    Dion Jordan (can he play in a 4-3 at DE)
    Jonathan Cooper (will we utilize his movement skills to his fullest to make him worth it?)
    Rhodes (better athlete than football player?)
    Tavon Austin (can we capture his huge upside)

  8. xpmar9x

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    Dang, you guys are right. I never really looked at Jordan tbh, every mock i've seen has him drafted before us. i thought he was way lighter, he's skinny as it gets...

  9. Gut

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    A couple things to consider...

    With the pressure on the coaching staff and front office to WIN NOW, hard to see how we spend a first round pick on a guy who can only play in a 3-4 10-15 snaps a game. Then again, is he the second coming of Kearse? He reminds me of him a bit, similar frame and Kearse really played in the 250's range.

    Then again, under Gray they have been trying to ad size to the DL...with Wimbley being the one exception and he also gets the major criticism for being a poor run defender.

    Jordan is a risk I might be willing to make, but not Mingo!!!

  10. GTFO my pancakz

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    Cool bit on Jordan in the Sport Science lab.

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